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Very fast gold delivery and pretty simple verification requirements. I Recommend these guys.

Joshua Fitzpatrick
August 08,2010

Quick service, great customer support with quick replys. Would recommend 100%.

Chris Smith
August 07,2010

I got the gold in seriously like.. 15 minutes. It was super discreet, professional, and fast. Seriously, the only good gold buying experience I've ever had!.

August 06,2010

Fantastic, received gold within ten mins. Highly recommend.

August 05,2010

Fantastic service. Got the gold in 20 min. I would and will use this again..

August 05,2010

wow guy4game is the best out there with there fast powerleveling skills and there best price's all i can say is YOUR AMAZING =3!!!!!!!!!.

madness sparta
August 05,2010

honestly i was skeptical at first about this but the people our very kind and they are very helpful.

August 05,2010

ordered 50k gold and i gained it in less then 15 minutes great service and they can really help you out with almost everything :) recommended.

August 05,2010

Runescape gold farming is safe in guy4game....its amazing I ordered a total of 120M+ but I wish they would give more discounts lol :P If they would give like massive discounts, then I won't be able to stop buying alot of runescape cash.....with the new economy in runescape buying 100M is nothing ! Keep up the good work Guy4game! This website cares about you!.

Tenth Fire
August 04,2010

This works 100% its fast its cheap its safe i love it!!.

Dane Buckley
August 02,2010

I was impressed by the quick delivery! I thought I would try some gold first before I risked something more expensive. I was NOT disapointed!.

August 02,2010

I have bought gold from other sites but this site is the best..

August 01,2010

Great site. Only site I buy gold from now! They even finished my order of 60m gold in a week ahead of time!.

August 01,2010

I have used Guy4Game Sooo many times for rs2. I recently purschased 60m gold farming for $42!! thats the cheapest price i found all around. i wouldnt trust anyone else with my account But Guy4Game..

John O'Toole
August 01,2010

Very smooth transaction, I had my order within 4 hours of payment. 20k+ I recommend these guys!.

August 01,2010

Like most first time buyers I was a little weary on the whole process of gold buying, but seeing as many of the testimonies had all been written on a positive note, I decided to take the plunge. Fast deliveries and reliable customer service made my initial hesitation disappear into thin air, I definitely recommended Guy4Game..

August 01,2010

Very quick. Usually within 15 minutes of placing my order, i get a delivery notice. Long time customer, and i plan on staying that way..

Spencer Drake
July 31,2010

This site is amazing ive bought the 3k gold from them 2 times once for alience and once for horde service is fast ty.

July 30,2010

Received whisper from a lv1 ingame within 30 minutes of placing order. Was careful, as I hadn't purchased gold like this before, but me her at the SW bank, quick face to face trade of full specified amount, and a quick "ty". Very clean and professional. Had a DK whisper me about 10 minutes later confirming receipt of funds in-game, and reminding me to ignore anyone claiming to be from "g4g" who might ask me for the gold, or for any other info. I've pleasantly surprized by how quick, easy, and seemingly customer-safety oriented this service is. Very well done..

Jody Gordon
July 29,2010

Literally just moments to recieve your order. I have made serveral orders, you can trust this company..

Lewis Beck
July 29,2010