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I can tell you I've been skeptical about buying gold but this website is fast, legit and awesome the first I've ever bought from and everything went very smoothly!!! Thank you again I will buy more gold in the future for sure!!!.

July 19,2010

I ordered some raid loot items for characters on two accounts. Guy4Game had access to my accounts for several weeks while the order was completed. I couldn't be happier with the results! Professional and trustworthy..

July 18,2010

what is this.

Hoang Lam Nguyen
July 17,2010


Ali (Q8) .
July 15,2010

after many companies letting me down and having trouble with getting my order I finally found a good seller thank guy4game.com you made my day great hassle free service.

July 15,2010

this is the BEST website ever, and i mean it,. like wow omg :] very trustful and even better agents to talk to :).

amjad ismael
July 15,2010

The delivery was very fast, less then 30 minutes of ordering. I am very pleased with the service and the price, and will definitely come back to get more gold when i need it..

Desiree Rodriguez
July 14,2010

It just does not get any better, for years these guys have been excellent and fast. IGE does not hold a candle to Guy4gme.

a customer
July 14,2010

I was highly pleased with the customer support when i had a question to ask. Keep up the good work!.

July 14,2010

The best trusted website ever i seen , even finish on the excatly time. TRUSTED - Vouch for www.guy4game.com and tell all your friends about it..

ali alhajri
July 14,2010

4 Words...Best Runescape Gold Site...!!1 and Ftw Assists.

bader bader
July 14,2010

Very good support! + quick and fast delivery (Vouch).

July 14,2010

I have used your server 3 times now and I would have to say you have gotten faster on delivery each time. I will continue to use your service from now on.........

July 13,2010

Great fast and safe so far.! Ty guy4game.

July 13,2010

Excelent service, great contact support, I am more than satisfied. Very grateful and no doubt I will order again very soon. Keep up the good work, mantain the great level of quality. Thank you very much..

July 12,2010

This is the second time I've used guy4game for wow gold, everything runs smoothly and quickly! Thanks again, and i shall be back when I'm needing more! cheers. - Grant.

July 10,2010

I purchased some WOW gold for my character on Duskwood, the price was cheaper than what it would have costed me to do a characer transfer from one server to another. I had considered spending 25.00 to transfer another main character to obtain some gold from the character, I found it much cheaper to buy gold from this site and still keep my character on its own server. After I made my purchase it was less than thirty minutes when I received a response from a player telling me to meet at a bank where I was given my gold. It was the fastest response I have see so far. I will be using guy4game.com again. Thanks!.

Kelly Arch
July 10,2010

Amazing service, delivery within 30 minutes. Very friendly and great customer service..

July 10,2010

yes it's a great site.....helps out alot.

willie harris
July 10,2010

Fantastic service! The billing dept. was very prompt and very polite. The person I spoke to over live chat was extremely professional and really made sure everything went smoothly for me. I received my order in about 20 min from the time I registered to the time it was delivered to me. Love this place!!.

July 09,2010