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Very Satisafied. Delivery in minutes! Thank you a million times :) I will use this service again..

Tar* Gy*****
December 03,2009

Been a happy customer for 2 years with G4G. They have the best attitudes and fast delivery. One of the best company that I have order from. I spent about $4k in the past 2 years with this company and I am going to be spending more and have brought many of my friends to the company because of their reputation. Keep up the good work, G4G!!!.

RS Addict
December 03,2009

For any one who read this, i have to say i got an Amazing service for start to End. great customer service, now i can buy the ship of my dreams thank you guys, i will be back again for sure and will send others to you Chears Sami.

December 02,2009

i purchased 117m but its good they are so fast and powerlevelers and money makers and i would like to thank them for the fastest way and i would to thank espeically for john and nancy and mostly dangxin for helping me please whoever buy buy the most.

mohsen alassaf
December 02,2009

I purchased 6M for Runescape. It was delivered to me sooner than quoted, exactly as described, and I didn't get banned! This is the service to go to for RS gold. Highest rated in my book!.

December 01,2009

I bought a Hunter account a couple days ago around thanksgiving holiday. Everything they said that was on the account was on the account... they did not lie about anything. They have a very impressive operation. I will definitely be doing business with them again. Great service...

November 30,2009

Just finished a transaction with them (3,000g) and I'm happily surprised. I looked around a lot over reviews and scam reviews and found this place on a site that rates websites. Took about 10 minutes total from ordering to delivery. Being stuck at 78 blows when I had 1g in my bag, so I was in a bind when everyone I knew moved to a PVP server. Hopefully I won't have to do business again but if I'm stuck I'll definitely come here again..

November 29,2009

Really good service, I am impressed by their professionalism and quality which obviously dude at first by what they offered, but after seeing the results it is clear that their work is excellent, absolutely recommended..

Matias Tschulnigg
November 29,2009

Sorry if my english bad to read.. :D There is no other word than Rekomended Seller ..!!!.

Tripandi Rejeki Damanik
November 28,2009

I bought powerleveling last night for leveling my toon from 79 to 80. Within 5-6 hours it was completed. Thank you Guy4Game. Fast, reliable..

Andrew Nguyen
November 27,2009

I purchased my first account from you. I am very pleased with the transaction so far. I'm in the process of transfering the char to my server as I write this. I beleve if I were to buy gold I would purchase it from here. The account purchase was awesome. I could only guess that they would be great at buying gold as well. Two thumbs up from me. D.

November 26,2009

All WOW players know what a time sink starting a new profession can be. When I decided to dump my level 450 Engineering and start Blacksmithing I discovered Guy4Game's DIY profession leveling package. Amazing! Absolutely amazing. All supplies and a detailed guide were delivered within the hour and I was cranking out high level plate armor by the following morning. I heartily endorse Guy4Game's DIY Profession leveling service. It is the best. Thanks for saving me countless hours of alt character mining. You made prof leveling a piece of cake. Jayel.

November 25,2009

ive botten gold twice for runescape 2x 33m gold farming they did it in one day less then they said they would i also bought 1.1m aion kinah no problem im 13 so i bought it with my debit card after it transacted it started immediately i am very happy :).

Ben not telling :P
November 23,2009

Great prices, fast service, friendly employees. A+ all the way..

November 21,2009

Once again G4G is money Well spent i have now spent over $1,500 and Every Single thing i ordered was delivered FAST And As described on site Using the online Chat To confirm orders before purchase is key to Thier success im sure + thier staff Is Great With making sure YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAYED FOR wich is important.

MiKe H
November 21,2009

I'm impressed, i ordered a good amount of Kinah and after contacting live help (as suggested) i got all my kinah (in 2 separate chunks) within minutes! Live help honestly warned me at first that at the moment not all kinah was available but that they will have been contacting me as soon as the rest was available. After not more than 5 mins all the rest arrived ... outstanding!.

John Doe
November 19,2009

guy4game.com provides an excellent powerleveling service, I recommend it to others and will be more than likely use them again! =D.

November 17,2009

This company is amazing! Very quick and reliable and I love the fact that they have a guarantee. Thanks guy4game!.

November 17,2009


Kathleen Herron
November 17,2009

I tried this service not sure what to expect. Then within less than a day I was contacted and given what I paid for. I would recommend these guys to anyone, thanks Guy4game!.

November 14,2009