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these guys are the best let me tell you all of my nightmare. http://www.starwarscreditshop.com/ 15mins delivery gold guarantee, no answer to customer service. tracking sent by them but its a dead ends as well. its been 48 hours with them right now under Paypal dispute.. scam.. http://www.cuingame.com/ stated within 30 mins of receiving the gold if your order now. that's bull also and customer service the only person that assist is is a Linda. and she don't even sound like she know what she was talking about. 24hrs has passed no gold... received a Paypal refund from them. both sites offer promises yet they don't fallow up. now as for Guy4Game i used there services once and gee was i impressed. within less then an hour they had delivered. very smooth my account never got banned. very professional and lol they are not paying me to give this testimonial so its legit..

luis lopez
June 30,2012

Good site. Well displayed, and smooth transactions. Always connect to live chat as soon as you complete your order, and they will get right on it. Reliable service, used two, maybe three times now. Can't remember. Also the cheapest rate I've seen..

Aleksander M
June 30,2012

Very good service, ive tried many gold selling websites and this one has to be one of the best i've been on, Very good customer service! Will be coming back again!.

June 30,2012

I've ordered from Guy4Game for YEARS. They're definitely trusted and better than the rest I've seen or ordered from. Over the years, I've bought accounts, currency, items, and they deliver quickly every time. The support chat is competent as well, which you rarely see in this business. 10/10.

June 30,2012

Excellent support, fast delivery. Was out of stock once and they added another million for the wait. Nothing more to say then pure perfection!.

Simon Hermansson
June 27,2012

grait survice defantly lagit fast dalivery bin placing orders for a few years never let me down :).

jenny bruce
June 27,2012

Guy4Game Never made me uncomfortable while making a purchase , I've Been their customer for a really long time and bought products for 3 different games , And i never doubted guy4game..

June 25,2012

I was very nervous at first, but they delievered very very fast and effectively. Not 100% positive on the security, but I assume all is well. Product: RS2 GOLD.

June 24,2012

I have been ordering gold and powerleveling from Guy4Game for 3+ years now, I love this site. I had never had a complaint and i've ordered thngs over 20 times on this site, thank you Guy4Game, you are the only site I'll ever use :).

Logan Brooks
June 24,2012

I've used a lot of different delivery services over the years, but guy4game is by far the best. Their deliveries are always amazingly quick, even for large orders. Their customer service/live help is much more professional than that of the typical delivery service. They don't hassle you with a lot of unnecessary security measures that seem to always delay delivery. Best of all, they seem to always have a large inventory on active servers. I really don't think you will find another company that can consistently deliver large order, usually within 5-10 minutes. Save yourself a lot of trouble... go wtih guy4game. Atom.

June 22,2012

I was recommended to this site by a close friend. I have many friends that play WoW and use this website. The first time I bought gold I was amazed at how fast they delivered my gold to me! Within ten minutes of my card clearing I had my gold! The most recent time I bought gold, they didn't have enough on my server, so they gave me extra gold in order to make up for it! This company is the great! They also power leveled my character in less than half the time they said it would take. Guy4Game is seriously second to none. If you are debating whether or not to use their services, stop debating! Also shout out to Beth for the great customer service! You're the best!.

June 21,2012

Great service, excellent speed, overall I will be coming back every time..

Dustin K
June 21,2012

To anyone reading these testimonials trying to figure out whether or not to buy guy4game service DO IT! After ordering 60m on Runescape without any problems and good customer service/fast delivery, I had no doubt in my mind that I could trust this site with my account for powerleveling! I ordered the rhino cape and within the hour they started my order. Its advertised that the order takes 12 hours but they finished in 5 and by the time I woke up this morning I had it when I logged in and everything on my account was fine! TRUST ME these testimonials aren't fake and you will be VERY pleased with their services! The only bad thing is that now I keep wanting to order more things and I'm eventually going to run out of money -.-.

June 20,2012

Used Guy4Game many times over the past few months and they have never ceased to amaze me with their prompt delivery of gold and speedy powerleveling. I will certainly keep on using Guy4Game for all of my gaming needs..

June 20,2012

A++ Service. I have bought gold from these guys numerous times and never have had any issues. Always fast and helpful!.

Cale Hollis
June 20,2012

Very good and a lot for my money..

Tuvy Guss
June 19,2012

awesome and easy process.

Psueudonym Guy4gameiscool
June 19,2012

Just want to say the customer service is great when i have to talked to a representatives. For the most part getting my product after purchase is in a timely manner. I have no complaints with Guy4Game..

Corey Brooks
June 19,2012

Fast, Easy, Cheap, only 20 min Delivery... not bad :-P.

Taylor Marion
June 18,2012

Spoke to "Sherry" on the online chat and she was wonderful!! Nice person and very profession and infomative. I enjoyed the concersation and personal service...these guys are great! Order from them!!!!!.

June 17,2012