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hello i just wanted to say i'm using your service for power leveling in Wow US, and i just wanted to say fantastic job! i am really pleased with the service that is being provided and i will be recommending some friends this way.

sophie Ryan
March 27,2007

I just want to say thank you for the great service you all provide and how professional you are. I have never had a problem with anyone at guy4game.com. Even your LiveChat staff is very nice. I just wanted to comment on the excellent service you have provided. Thank you again..

STEVEN rumble
February 07,2007

I'm one of the winners of the $500 christmas award and I just received the 450mil adena I bought with the gift certificate and I'd like to say thank you for everything and to say I'm very pleased with how fast it was to deliver..

Randy Roy
January 15,2007

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed using your site, it is clear and simple to use, responds quickly and looks great. Plus the professionalism of the company is second to known, I have never dealt with a more organised and efficient company, your customer service simply rocks and I truly hope that you guys apply this marketing model to other business services as I am sure Blizzard will soon be ending all our fun! I wish all the staff a Happy New Year and thank you very much for my gorgeous Christmas card, my wife was amazed by it, makes me want to move to Canada..

lewis Rosenthal
January 08,2007