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I have been buying from these guys for a few months now. I am very satisfied with the service and will be a repeat customer in the future to come..

Seth Knowles
October 25,2013

Have used G4G many times, mainly for gold but also for power leveling and CD keys and game time. If you are on a low pop server, hop onto live chat and ask them what they have in stock for your server/faction before ordering. I made the mistake of ordering on an alt that was on a low pop realm and an even lower pop faction and had quite the wait but that was only once, all the other times I used chat to make sure and had the gold in my hands within a few minutes after paying. Customer service is always friendly and helpful and answer emails in a matter of minutes. I have never been hacked after power leveling....I even sometimes go a while afterwards without changing my password which isn't really smart, but it goes to show that they can be trusted..

October 24,2013

I recently purchased gold from here. As i was really scared because i purchased from another site that had scammed me. guy4game took a whole day to get my gold, and i must say i really am impressed. This website did not scam me. at times they may not deliver within 15 mins to 6 hrs but thats because you need to ask if they have it in stock before. They are really honest yesteerday that help online did tell me they did not have it in stock. But i ordered it as they said when they finished gathering it will be sent to mail. And they really did sent it. I felt so happy that they really do what they say. I really love this website and will continue to order more aion kinah from them. They will not cheat you..

October 22,2013

Look, fact of the matter is; this website takes about 20 minutes to deliver the gold on a high pop server. However; they always deliver it. There are other websites out there that advertise 5-10 min, or even instant delivery. But 70% of the time you get scammed out of your money when they don't have the stock to fill your order. I will come back here, because I'd rather wait 20 minutes for Google Wallet to release my payment to them and know that eventually I will get my gold, then to risk being scammed out of my money. I started a chat one time, while I was in the game. And as soon as I started it, a battleground procced. So I went in and started killing. I came back to the chat shortly after, to find that the rep had not only identified who I was, but had answered the question I was going to ask while I was a seemingly inactive chat member. She had provided me with the stock of gold on the server I was on and the correct faction. And after about 20 minutes of her waiting, I came back to find she was still there. Thank you Guy4Game. I'm happy..

Matthew P
October 22,2013

One day I bought the vial of sands and it was pretty late and then I got my vial of sands the next day i was very happy and so I wanted to write this thank you guy4game everytime when I need gold this is the right place! :).

bob mohon
October 21,2013

I have used guy4game several times. I have never had any issues, and always receive my purchase. If any issues come up, they will make sure everything is fixed and works in your favor. I recommend them to all my friends!.

Stephen T
October 20,2013

If you are stuck in WOW I would give this team a big 10 plus I have used them many times but this last order blew me away with there service #1136964 Order date: 10-16-2013 20:14 Grace was the rep but they are all great but this was a leveling service and a mount they delivered in less then 24 hours and the leveler who ever he was set the keys and every thing. Some just do the leveling but Guy4game delivery the service further more if they can not do the job they refund the money as well we all get stuck in these games its good to have the service there as a back up keep up the good work. Wombat.

Wombat Allen
October 18,2013

Bought gold from these guys yesterday, took a little longer than expected but they came through on their promise if it takes longer than 6 hours. Amazing customer service and very reliable, love these guys!.

Matt G
October 17,2013

Guy4game is overall an excellent website! Fast and easy service, I've bought here hundreds of times! Cheap and easy! I choose this site out of every site out there..

Brett Corrigan
October 15,2013

Rita was very nice customer supporter ;) Got my gold delivered very quickly and without any problem!!!! thank you very much ! Excellent!.

October 12,2013

Perfect transaction. Excellent live support. Large Order from start to finish only took around 20 minutes..

October 11,2013

I've used a number of gaming services over the years and and up till now I've never really found one that I find myself going back to, however I've bought both World of Warcraft gold and Guild Wars 2 gold from Guy4Game a number of times and while they may not be the fastest service in the world, I've found they are the safest, most trustworthy and they get the job done every time! Their support is top notch and it's tough to compete with their prices. I'd highly recommend Guy4Game, many thanks to them and the quality services they provide! - Sam..

Sam Owen
October 11,2013

Bought the 5 blood spirits said up to 72 hours for delivery and I received them in less than 24! This is the second time I have used guy4games the first being for gold and I will definitely use it again.

October 08,2013

Reliable and safe, just sometimes takes a little bit long. Took over a week for mine to come, but don't go to other sites because the is the only one thats not a scam.

Happy Panda
October 07,2013

I am just wondering, i did face to face.. will they whisper me when ready? or do i have to stay in SW the entire time?.

Brandon Cline
October 05,2013

I have bought a range of things from Guy4game. Always to have each delivered within 20ish hours. I love this site,. and I love buying gold, gear, and mounts from here. This is my number one spot for WOW purchases from now on. I feel completely safe, and I was always ensured that I would be attended to. But most of all, I love coming back a few days later to see a price drop in things. Such reasonable prices, This site and it's staff are Extremely reliable and I recommend them to everyone needing a little bit of in-game boosts. :).

Audrey Kieghen
October 02,2013

I really love these guys! Not only do they deliver, they keep total track of what you received and when you got it! :D.

Denise Parker
October 01,2013

Ok service, have ordered multiple times now, although slow service. Low or medium pop servers may have to wait longer until their gold arrives, but that's ok with me, getting it sooner or later..

September 30,2013

Very helpful live staff, great on time service with a quick start! I got quite a few things I had not expected and 180 achievement points in just 10 levels! 5 stars!!!.

Richard Miller
September 28,2013

I religiously order from Guy4Game. They are fast, and professional. Never had any problems and will continue using their services..

September 27,2013