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Yes, I love being rich. GKDP = You need a lot of money...Got my 6700gs yesterday thank you GUY4GAME!!.

Glades middle
August 31,2010

Fast delievery, Ihave used this 3 time now 10mil 15 mil and now 8 mil always delievered before i get home from work so about 8 hours each time or less who knows i been gone to work. I do know its been there every time..

August 31,2010

very fast delivery. fastest i ever seen. would definitely recommend to others and buy again.

August 31,2010

Hi i would just like to say that Guy4game.com is probably the best wow gold site i have bin to. They deliver the amount of gold you have ordered in hours of your order..

Zahir Ibrahim
August 31,2010

have bough gold quite few times and always waiting for too long. so now i was 'yeah right....7.5k gp in 6h? lolololololol' made the delivery and then after 5-10min max i had the money. best delivery ever definitely will buy again..

stelios k
August 31,2010

I wasn't sure about buying gold online like this, because I wasn't sure if it was safe but I tried it and it was great. They were really fast with getting me the money and very nice. I even went back and bought more from them and will continue to buy from them. Great prices too..

August 30,2010

Quick delivery of 1 bil isk... time to go shopping..

Check it out
August 29,2010

I really do love gold.

Andy Noway
August 28,2010

I didn't think that buying WoW gold would be so easy. Guy4game actually delivers. I have purchased numerous times, and every time has been prompt. If I were to recommend game services, I will definitely recommend Guy4Game..

August 28,2010

Used this site for the first time to buy EVE ISK and will be coming back, easy site to use, prompt delivery. Thanks..

August 27,2010

Second buy from you guys. Fast service and cheapest i found, again... Plus the bonus gold. Can't beat it right now..

August 27,2010

G4G RS2 Gold is the best on sale in my opinion, thats why i keep coming back over and over :) Customer service is brilliant and content matches that also, 5/5 G4G keep up the good work.

mark carlton
August 26,2010

I LOVE you guys ^^.

August 26,2010

This was an amazing experience....my ordered totaled over 400 dollars and they did everything I asked in a timely and organized manner. Not to mention my character was much better off after they were on it than before they were on it. Got my account safe and secure the second they finished my order. I love them and will be buying from them again for sure!!!!! :).

August 26,2010

AWESOME exsperience...fast...secure...friendly...VERY happy. Highly recommended to EVERYONE. :).

August 25,2010

Guy4game is great! second time I have bought from them and they are always smooth. THANKS!.

Zachary gabriel
August 24,2010

Woow this was my first time buying gold but it was so fast and easy! I was very skeptical at first but wow it was great! For you guys who dont trust the website pst me on WoW my name is Azeroth on the realm Garrosh..

Jayden Obirek
August 23,2010

Fast and secure ^^.

August 23,2010

The order process was so much simpler here, I didn't have to deal with any BS.. My order came within a hour! Great service, low hassle..

Jim Tarvin
August 23,2010

Thanks guys. You did everything you said you would. We will be doing more bussiness together..

Leonard Compton
August 22,2010