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Guy4game is the best way to securily buy wow gold. i ordered 7,250 g and within 2 mins they send me 1,700 now curently w8 for rest.. the deal is quick and very secure.. i'd gladly revisit the site again....

jack ___
October 04,2010

I would like to say Thank You to Guy4game.com Before i came to them for my gold needs i had went to outher websites.Most of them took my money and gave me nothing outhers only gave me half my gold and even then it took them three days to do that so when i came to guy4game.com i thought it would just be the same thing but i was wrong. They had better prices than outher places i had been also it only took them 24min to get my gold to me and I got all of the gold i ordered not part of it all of it.Lets just say i did a little dance.Everyone i know will now be comming to get there gold from Guy4game.com and I will never go anywhere else for my gold. Thank You again..

Happy Player
October 03,2010

Purchased 10K gold the other day and it was delivered to me faster than the auction house. They stayed connect with me through their live chat the entire time to ensure that i received the gold. They helped me step by step through the process and never left me hanging. As soon as I receive my email from their raid manager with my questions I will be purchasing some other things. I recommend Guy4Game.com for your gold buying experience. Next week I will be buying more gold to ensure I have a good stockpile before the new expansion..

October 03,2010

Having bought from g4g for over 3+ years I must say there service is always the best! This time I oprdered a pwerlvling pckage + abyss points pwer lvling and some kinah! I've never been banned, they always finish orders ahead of the aprox date! I had a chanter lvled for my 8yr old daughter and she is extreamly happy with her chanter playing her second mmo (ffxi was first, of which i ordered from here as well) G4g has great english speakers, great service - I will look forward to ordering from them when B & S is out xD.

Michael Tinker
October 03,2010

Excellent service. Incredibly friendly and very quick to take care of you and your needs. Highly recommended..

October 01,2010

I was a complete skeptic before I tried these guys... Live-Chat -> Gold availability check -> No quibble loyalty bonus -> Order processed -> Delivery = less than 10 minutes. Fantastic service! Recommend to anyone! A*********************.

October 01,2010

ahhh hey just baught gold and it took awhile to come to me because it was big order and i didn't expect them to give an extra 25% but G4G did without me even mantionning it, best service i've ever had an just wanted to say thanks again = ).

big sadri
October 01,2010

On time deliveries and friendly service. Will definitely be back..

September 30,2010

Ive ordered about 4 time so and they were done with in 30 minutes, they are great def a good place to buy gold thank you alot.

September 30,2010

Purchased some gold for LOTRO , this site is cheap and reliable. Definitely my number one site for online gold.

September 30,2010

I have used guy4game for DAoC several times, and now play WoW.. the choice was easy when I needed gold again.. Guy4Game have never disappointed, and they worry just as much about discretion as you do as a player. I will keep using them, you should too..

Monk EE
September 29,2010

This is my first time ever buying gold for WoW, and I was rather anxious about getting caught or getting ripped off, but I was pleasantly surprised with the speed and security of my order. The transaction was made by face-to-face trade, as they say on their site, which made it a lot more secure than if I was given my gold through the AH or in game mail. The merchant invited me to their party, and I met up with them at the bank. They opened the trade window after saying hello, gave me all my gold and confirmed the trade. All up it took me about 5 minutes to get my gold! Also, the 24/7 live chat was very helpful and patient with all my questions and even gave me a discount code. I'll be a returning customer for sure..

September 28,2010

Ordered 3000M in Atlantica online, quickly asked the live support what the stock was on my server. But the collectors was off duty, so went to sleep. After a night I enter the live support again, requested the stock on the server and everything was there and it all could be sent. A minute or two after the agent said it was there, the gold was in my mailbox! Definitely the best ones on the market, the prices are absolutely worth it - cheaper sites is probably just fraud ones. Here you'll have lovely support at ALL times (I connected to them 3 times in total with questions I had) that also speaks english more than well and answers all your questions about your order and such. 10/10.

September 27,2010

This website is really good! But the it will be better if it is cheaper and they offer 80M gold..

Goh Dya
September 26,2010

Gold came so quick, as soon as I login, a rep traded my gold and I was happy. This service is legit and understands that security is VERY important, I will to use Guy4game for my World Of Warcraft needs and more..

Robert Foster
September 25,2010

Have been buying from guy4game.com now and i must say they are truly amazing!!! They are a great group of people that always deliver..

September 24,2010

First time I tryed and was amazed how quick it was. ^^ If I can make a suggestion, for deliveries to French serveurs, you could right: "Merci pour l' arme" even less suspicious, otherwise all is perfect^ Kep the good work guys. =).

happy costumeur
September 23,2010

I made a purchase today and 10 minutes later the gold was in my account. I never thought it would be so fast. Will definitely return if I need more gold..

Men of Mayhem
September 23,2010

I've been shopping around the internet that is not only legit, but can actually DELIVER ON TIME! Guy4Game has delivered my runescape gold within the time range that their website has quoted me. 5mil with 10mil+ required in bank was indeed delivered within 4-8 hours after they sent the email saying they just started working on my account. I've tried other sites, and sure they may deliver eventually, but well past the time they quoted me. I'm going to continue ordering from Guy4Game even though they have higher prices because they have the decency to be honest..

Jonathan Sutton
September 21,2010

I have been with Guy4Game for over 3 years now and I am always amazed at how quick and courteous they are. After I receive my gold I am always followed up by another CSR to guarantee smooth and accurate delivery. They have and always will be the #1 virtual game items/gold company. Thanks Guy4Game! I am seriously devoted to you!.

September 21,2010