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Guy4game was by far the fastest gold delivery website i have used! Thank you!.

Dylan Ardolf
March 18,2010

Again the Guy4Game team have delivered on time the amount requested. I have used these guys a lot and will be a lifetime user of this services. It has saved me hours and hours of grinding away to make gold. And I see it as if I can afford the cheap price they charge I will use them. Keep on rocking guys and girls..

March 18,2010

I am a very skeptical guy, but the proffesionalism from the customer service rep Zoie was exceptional! I will most certainly be returing for more business here! Thanks guys! and thank u Zoie!Thank You Jason! Kris- Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

kristopher adams
March 17,2010

I recently purchased a large sum of in-game currency from guy4game.com. From my own experience, I would defiantly consider purchasing ALL of my in-game money from them in the future. The Customer Service that I was given was very kind and polite! Also, because of it, it allowed me to get my money within a few minutes!.

Brandon Johnson
March 17,2010

I recently purchased 1,000 Million ISK (1 Billion) worth of money from guy4game.com, and from start to finish-the results were perfect! I would defiantly consider purchasing ALL of my in-game money from guy4game.com in the future. The Customer Service that I was given was very kind and polite! Also, because of it, it allowed me to get my money within a few minutes!.

Brandon Johnson
March 17,2010

I love these guys the are prompt and polite. I have allways gotten what i payed for in a timely manner..

keith adams
March 16,2010

great service got the gold in less then 10 mins.

Sean Beach
March 15,2010

Recognize; Guy4game is safe, cheap, and legit. Thanks!.

Adam Peterson
March 14,2010

I bought Gold from these guys while leveling my lock. I chatted with them online, and they sent someone in game to give me some gold. They told me to check back 8 hours later for some more gold. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they didn't have enough gold to pay me in 24 hours, so they gave me the 25% bonus! They also checked with me after I received my gold payments to make sure everything went smoothly. All in all, I would definitely shop here again, and have recommend these guys to my guild..

Eddie Longman
March 14,2010

Very fast and reliable service. Will continue to come here for my needs..

March 13,2010

I ordered my plat and had it within an hour, the service was great (as always) and I will continue to recommend this site to my friends!.

March 13,2010

Guy4Game Is the best Gold Selling Site for me Tbh!!.

Badr mhmd
March 11,2010

Guy4Game delivers prompt, efficient, Eve Isk delivery. I have used them Twice before, and have just made a third order because their service is so outstanding. Thanks guys!.

John McTigue
March 08,2010

I've used Guy4Game.com a few times now, They are EXTREMELY trust worthy and go through several processes to make sure you get what you want. They are ones that will definitely NOT scam you. 100% Trustworthy..

March 08,2010

I have used Guy4Game a few times now and every time their politeness, delivery time and price has put a smile on my face. Other sites have disappointed me in the past, but I have never had a bad transaction with G4G. Thanks!!.

March 05,2010

Guy4Game is by far the BEST powerleveling service i have used, ive used a few. Customer service is fantastic, they completed my order in LESS time than expected, got MORE gold than expected. Customer service was helpful through all my enquiries. A+++ Look no further, Guy4Game is the number 1 powerleveling site!!!.

March 04,2010

I havent played RS in awhile, and im getting started again. This site has been very good to me in the past and always reliable, ive never had trouble with this site. I plan on using it alot more here in the near future..

Tommy Cee
March 01,2010

i really believe that guy4game.com is the most trustful website to use ur money on and know that it is worth it.thank you guy4game.com for the outstanding service u have provided us..

jesus curbeira
March 01,2010

this is the best site for runescape gold i did 33mil order they lvled me from 68 mining to 75 !!! and did other one with 5mil lvled me 91 range to 93 they do power lvl with gold.

ali tison
February 27,2010

Well i'd like to be like the others but sorry not this time. i find guy 4 game slow and rather rude in their customer service. althouigh they claim many satisfied customers i can't see how . i've placed many orders through them and have had difficulties every time. to the point where i have to run down every order and act a fool just to get what i've paid for. But after much bull and drama even flat out annoiance they so far eventually deliver. I'm under the impression this site is in north america where there's lil but at least some protection for the customers. this is why i use this site it's at least better than being completely ripped off by those chinesse sites, not much but some. I just wish blizzard would sell the stuff themselves would solve alot of problems..

scott michael
February 27,2010