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I love you guys!.

tony sayance
February 28,2008

I would just lie to take the time to tell you what a great help she was in calming my nerves. I used your private chat after ordering and not recieving the gold (sorry, i am impatient and superstitious) and there she was to explain to me what was happening. Great service so far from you guys... Keep it up!.

james Cox
February 16,2008

Thanks, for you quick and courteous service.Have a nice week!.

Derek combs
February 12,2008

I just wanted to drop a mail and tell you how satisfied i am with you guys. Nice support, answered my mail the next day, polite support too. Thumbs up for you guys, you made my day.

David T Stenberg
February 08,2008

Thanks! I like this approach *a lot*. However, I think you're estimates on value may be a little high given what I see in the AH. Perhaps I'll be able to get these prices during peak weekend times, but certainly not weekdays. You might shoot a little lower on the estimates. In any event, I'm quite happy and will return in the future - very refreshing to have a transaction go so smoothly! Thanks again!.

Josh Shimizu
January 17,2008

Thanks!!!??Your website was very easy to use!!!.

leonardo shelleby
January 15,2008

Hello i will be very brief the Quality of the service i recived from Cath. was beyond what i could imagine she is a very good addition to youre company i am very please thank you i will shop again she keeps me coming back with great service.

margaret Sheets
January 07,2008

Hello i just wanted to make sure that you know how pleased i am with the service i recived from Ivy. she went out of her way to help me and was pleasnt the whole time. she made me feel valued as a customer and because of her i will use your servie exclusivly from this point forth..

Sam Ramirez
December 31,2007

Just wanted to say thanks to Amber for speaking great English, you don't know how nice it is to speak to a person that speaks English, has manners, and was a pleasure to speak with. I as well as my friends will start buying all our gold from you all. Thanks!.

heather sharawan
November 19,2007

This site has probably the most resonable prices I have seen so far.??You (Guy4Game) are doing a great job!.

Martin shafi
November 04,2007

Just replying to let you know that I got the items and am statisfied with the method. Even though I was a little confused at first when I got the items and the e-mail you sent hadn't arrived, after reading the e-mail it makes alot of sense to do it this way. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you for your fast service and take care..

Gabriel Sehorn
October 24,2007

It all sold the stuff . The secret is to sell the shadow cloth separatly not as a single unit. Thankyou sooo much for your help and time. You have been very proffesional and open with your communication..

Simone scrimshaw
September 28,2007

I had a really great person help me for about 4-6 hours until I had recieved my 100M RS II gold, i just wanted to tell you how great Carrie was at assisting me and how patient she was, and a big thanks to everyone else out there at guy4game. Thanks again Carrie.

Jonathan scott
September 21,2007

"Thanks for the quick and innovative way of getting me my gold. This is way better than some other sites taht just try to send gold thru the mailbox. I will definitly be using you guys from now on for all my gold needs.".

Shawn scoles
September 15,2007

Thank you for your great service, I know Blizzard has made it difficult to make these sales. I feel guy4game has done very well in continuing to maintain a high level of satisfaction considering the obstacles your company has to overcome..

vegard zark
September 10,2007

I have received the items in the game. I understand that it is difficult to re-stock gold, and appreciate your efforts. thank you.

Kim schuurhuis
September 06,2007

this is about abby she is a very good employe hi i spoked to abby on live chat and she was the best live chat for any game websight im am defintaly gonna come and buy here again.

eric Schneider
August 26,2007

I would like to see you guys offer ores, like coal, iron, mithril, etc. Currently, some of the other companies offer these type items, and I would like to use your company for all my purchases.. As always, I am a VERY satisfied customer. Your staff and delivery people are the nicest and most helpful..

Petur sbastien
July 28,2007

at first I thought this website was a scam but now I will use it more often.

steven Savino
July 10,2007

would just like to comment on how helpfull Thera was. very pleased with there help. thank you!.

lars salem
June 29,2007