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best site veyer.

jauny jauny
June 04,2010

i thought this website was a scam but then i was wrong bought 88m on my 100 account this works perfectly better than gold4rs =).

juany juany
June 04,2010

Used the service twice now, both times within 30 minutes ive had my gold, Service is excellent and fast, never had a single problem yet, and will continue to do business with them until im proven wrong!.

June 03,2010

Very fast delivery of wow cd key,and most competitive price too. Will definitely use your services in future-thanks Guy4game :).

June 03,2010

Best service I've ever experienced. I've bought from many different suppliers and this has been the fastest and most helpful. I recommend them to everyone and I will definitely only use them from now on..

Albert Gant
June 01,2010


May 31,2010

Wow! They leveled my toon a day ahead of schedule! Then I decided to reward their business with an order for some currency. Within 10 minutes I got my gold. These guys are legit. Simply impressive..

May 31,2010

Just bought an account, i love it!. totally recomend them, they are very helpfull and they make their own accounts so its 100% all yours once you buy it! buy from guy4game. worth it!.

May 30,2010

I have used these guys for 1,000$ of dollars in leveling/gear services over the years. They are professional and always give the best service. I've never been banned and always had good luck with every order. You should really try them. I've tried other services before G4G and they failed me and even resulted in bans. G4G delivers and are polite and professional. you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain with g4g and you'll fall in love with your first order then come back again and again just like I have..

Joe Florida
May 29,2010

Yes, First time buying Gold anywhere. I was nervous with all the account hacking and so forth = ) got over that, got mine with-in 2hrs of logging. Fast, courteous and quick. No problems what so ever!.

Stephen W
May 29,2010

I never have trouble getting my gold on time. And in the full ammount~!~!~!~!.

Brendan Mix
May 29,2010

I was recommended these guys to buy gold. Placed order - received it 10 min later =D. great service!.

Very Satisfied
May 28,2010

Amazing page, I wasn't very confident about the page at first, I hardly found any reviews outside this page so I wasn't sure this was for real but I gave it a try and the service was amazing. I first Started by chatting with customer service and getting to know the company, they not only answered all my questions but actually went beyond that and gave me phone numbers, web pages and more in order to asure me this page was for real. Then I went ahead and tried the powerleveling service. they sended me mails in every step of the process and then I just went to sleep, the next day in the morning my character was already leveled up (I only requested for 2 levels so no surprise there but still very efficient). I will defenetly use their services again.

Christian Gue****
May 28,2010

Guy4Game is very professional got my order quick and delivered within 30 mins. I purchased about 5 times from them and received the same care and attention every time thanks Guy4Game!!!.

May 27,2010

I have been using Guy4Game for years for my MMO Services, no one compares to the customer service, secruity and just overall feel that they care about there customers and the secruity in there transactions and your accounts =-) I am a extremely happy customer and will continue to go to guy4game for everything!.

Sean Turner
May 27,2010

30 mins --mmm still waiting after 48 hours genuine as i`ve used before but slow.

May 26,2010

After waiting over 12 hours still nothing. Contacted support twice and still nothing. The only thing this site has going for it is the quick refund..

May 25,2010

Saw a few people post some illiterate comments when I first saw this site, was sorta tedious, but now I've bought well over 300m on my turmoil Zerk, a firecape on my level 60 pure and 33m on it, lookin sweet :).

May 23,2010

I was sketchy at first about getting gold from someone but I figured I bought the game and all the expansions from Guy4Game (w/o any problems) so why not the gold. And I have bought several times since then b/c they are just so fast and reliable. Thanks Guy4Game!.

May 22,2010

I got my gold in about 5 minutes. I just finished placing my order and logged in and the first thing that happened was I got my gold! AWESOME!!!! You guys are great! Great prices too! Thank You..

Pleased Customer
May 22,2010