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Amazing, guy pm'd me on WoW and made the transaction in under 1hr due to AH times THANKS SO MUCH would recommend to anyone who needs some quick, cheap gold..

October 28,2015

Everything worked for me. I bought 10M and I was a little worried at first, but they came through. Just hoping nothing happens to my account now. Thanks.

Jake Remis
October 26,2015

This website got me my gold almost instantly, I love this site I have never gotten in any trouble with blizzard from this site, 100% legit.

Wilburt Gillington
October 24,2015

This site is awesome and I love it! I got my stuff fast and the people are nice. Love-love-love-love-love!.

Sam Greyson
October 22,2015

awesome great company wow honestly I was worried about this right after I bought it! they said they were out of stock of what I ordered so I contacted there there live chat support! and I asked them if they could plz tell me when I will get my gold. and she told me it could take 6 to 24 hours and 6 hours later I had all of it sent to me!! very smooth went great! thank you.

October 21,2015

really good and quick power leveling! great job on the fire cape too! good communication and friendly service also! 10/10 reccomendation!.

mitchell mcleary
October 20,2015

It took longer than expected and nowhere does it say you need to provide them with a photo I.D., however, in the end i did receive my gold. took a little longer than i had hoped, but overall.. they came through.

Trent Wheeler
October 20,2015

I got some rift gold took about 3 weeks but got a extra 50 plat for it this site was not a scam like a few others I got screwed over on!.

October 17,2015

Erick is the man. He's the nicest guy I've ever met in this industry, and I couldn't ask for a better associate to talk to. Thanks, Erick. :).

Donny Arruda
October 12,2015

Quick, smooth, and efficient. This all I'm using from now on..

Max Grey
October 11,2015

you guy should sell the challenge dun gear from MOP.

boohoo poopoo
October 05,2015

Excellent service ! Got my gold very fast, no problems whats so ever! Will buy again. Thanks !.

William Cox
October 04,2015

Guy4Game.com has always been my favourite service for gold and or items, the service is always Perfect and the Customer service is even better, always Friendly and cooperative. Please continue to provide your services to me.

Ryan Stroud
September 28,2015

very quick, to the point. no hassle at all. received what i ordered in ~20 minutes. highly recommend, will use again..

Billy Everyteen
September 27,2015

Spoke to Grace who went out of her way to make sure my order was filled quick and painless. Its great to deal with such a classy group. I plan on using them frequently for all of my needs..

September 24,2015

I been buying gold, powerleveling and reputation services from you guys since mop. First I was nervous like we all were the first time we bought gold, but now I feel very secure each time I buy from you. Fast delivery, great prices, great customer service. The site is very well done, easy to find, no annoying adds. All positive, thank you and keep doing what you do best! //S.

September 22,2015

Fast, Legit..

John Doe
September 21,2015

Thanks Panda, always lovely and perfect customer service 10/10. Always super fast and very friendly, Thanks :).

Cam Peck
September 21,2015

Awesome service! No hassle and the gold was delivered quickly. I've had huge issues with other websites in the past. This was just quick, easy, and to the point..

September 21,2015

I was nervous at first. "What if this is a scam. What if I never hear from them? What if..." None of that was a worry. I have used them plenty of times, and they are always on their A game. I started smaller, with the $20 gold, and then I bumped it up to $36. It was always fast, under 30 minutes. Only one time was it longer. I got called into my job, and had to log off. I understand how they work, and I was fine with waiting. I got a text from them, alerting me to the fact that the gold was being held for me, but only for "X" amount of time. I went to customer service and spoke with Dora. She was delightful. we spoke for a bit, and then the gold got to me. I love these guys, and they will always be my go to for all things WoW..

September 20,2015