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I havent played RS in awhile, and im getting started again. This site has been very good to me in the past and always reliable, ive never had trouble with this site. I plan on using it alot more here in the near future..

Tommy Cee
March 01,2010

i really believe that guy4game.com is the most trustful website to use ur money on and know that it is worth it.thank you guy4game.com for the outstanding service u have provided us..

jesus curbeira
March 01,2010

this is the best site for runescape gold i did 33mil order they lvled me from 68 mining to 75 !!! and did other one with 5mil lvled me 91 range to 93 they do power lvl with gold.

ali tison
February 27,2010

Well i'd like to be like the others but sorry not this time. i find guy 4 game slow and rather rude in their customer service. althouigh they claim many satisfied customers i can't see how . i've placed many orders through them and have had difficulties every time. to the point where i have to run down every order and act a fool just to get what i've paid for. But after much bull and drama even flat out annoiance they so far eventually deliver. I'm under the impression this site is in north america where there's lil but at least some protection for the customers. this is why i use this site it's at least better than being completely ripped off by those chinesse sites, not much but some. I just wish blizzard would sell the stuff themselves would solve alot of problems..

scott michael
February 27,2010

ty guy4game they are realy good and fast cheapest ever and thinks for nansy and magi in live chat for helping.

khalid alshamaly
February 26,2010

I have been a customer of Guy4Game for about a year now. I have never been disappointed with the service nor waited long for my order. All in all its a very professional comapany and i keep coming back for more. ^^.

Shane DeCrevel
February 26,2010

Fast Secure and liable best place for Account/gold i love it!.

Chris Travis
February 25,2010

EXCELLENT customer service, I have had really no problems with g4g they have been wonderful there have been a time or two that it took a really long time to receive gold but 98% of the time everything is done quickly and efficently. I have tried a couple other companies and would never try again g4g is AWESOME..

Kelly L
February 25,2010

I told all my friends about this site, very trustworthy, and they give u full refund when there is something wrong. In time, and they stay in live chat to help you, I get everything from this site, its just perfect, thank you for making out guy4game :D.

faisal kay**
February 23,2010

Their support was excellent. I did a stock check, they had the gold, and delivered it within minutes. At a time when other suppliers are completely shut down for the Chinese New Year, this guys/gals came through. Thanks!.

Ryan Smi****
February 20,2010

It's excellent service, you guys are fast and awesome , Fast 100% Top Quality.

fai pagun
February 19,2010

I have been buying from guy4game for a few years now. They are always quick and efficient. Never have i been disappointed with them. Thanks for the all those years of good service guys!.

Kevin Mage
February 19,2010

I just bought my Kinah, and even though i don't have it yet, i have to say the purchase has been rather delightful. Cindy replied to em very quickly, and explained they did not have the Kinah in stock, but she was so nice i could care less :D.

February 19,2010

Guy4Game is usually very reliable when it comes to Aion Kinah and power leveling with Kinah you receive it at least within 24 hours. The only problem that I have is recently it was the Chinese new year so I went ahead and asked if power leveling would be able to start right away and they told me yes so I went ahead and ordered. Unfortunately most of the levelers were on the vacation due to the holiday so now I'm stuck waiting and have been for 3 days now and they don't expect for it to start for another 3 days. Guy4game is reliable and I expect for them to complete the order its just a real drag that I have to wait after asking if they could start immediately and even tho they said yes they couldn't. None the less I'll continue to order from them because they have proven time after time to come though on their part..

Marcus Dille
February 17,2010

Well i placed an order 4 days ago and i havent recived any info about anything and its getting really annoying not impressed the next couple hours are going to decide wether ot not i go somewhere else thanks for your time.

Justin Smith
February 15,2010

Well i have ordered several times here, and got my plat really fast, but because of this chinese new year thing. I have waited over 48 hours, and havent gotten my order yet :S.

February 15,2010

this is the best website i ever saw it is fantastic.

abdulmajeed mohmmed
February 13,2010

Thanks guy4game, ordered over 800$ easily these last few years from you guys and never had anything go wrong or any accounts banned, so just wanna say thanks ;).

Angela S
February 12,2010

thank you this site is very trustworthy and quick thank you g4g.

lachie garth
February 11,2010

After 48 hours of "live online chats" and Guy4Game reps telling me to wait and I will be contacted when my gold has "arrived" I demanded a refund and recieved it promptly. Good service just no product. Waste of time..

February 11,2010