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I Just wanted to drop in and say thank you to you guys and the levellers for completing my powerlevelling. Much appreciated! Thanks for all the help, and please pass on my thanks to the levellers, they must have worked really hard..

jennifer Staggs
June 07,2009

Thxs for everything you guys r a great company an r doing an awesome job !! i'll b sure to keep sending my business your way!! greatlly appreciated with your time an understanding!!.

Nick Smith
June 06,2009

Wow! That was probably the best gold buying experience I've ever had.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!.

dayv skerski
June 03,2009

If you don't want to spend your time grinding to reach a new level, this site offers powerleveling for a number of games, including some games that few companies will powerlevel, like Final Fantasy XI, Lord of the Rings Online and RuneScape II..

Paul Soiett
May 30,2009

You did such a good job on my paladin on that same accound I had to come back to you for my next chracter ^.=.^.

Daniel Mitchell Staley
April 26,2009

I just want to say how impressed I am with your service. I've used your power levelling services a few times and it's a lot better than others i've used..

sunny Salamone
April 21,2009

My 2nd Wow gold transaction every, first one being with heygt.com but I thought I'd give these guys a go as mmowned.com seemed to review them quite good. 1000G purchased, 10minute transaction, $26,26usd. cant complain A++++ :p.

Steven Haskell
March 23,2009

Thank you very much, and I must say I am very pleased with your service, will be a return customer for sure.

Jesse rapini
February 20,2009

exelent service and they deliver on time when everything is comfirmed.

Meelaud Havefjord
February 16,2009

Thank you for the info... And I definitely love ur site and am happy with the service... =0).

Jesse Reilly
September 11,2008

I would just like to say thank you for my world of warcraft powerleveling, it was done sooner then I expected...I appreciate your services.

jon Rawlinson
June 25,2008

I currently consider this company to be the top WOW service company on the Internet. Other World of Warcraft gold selling companies may offer gold or services, a few offer both but Guy4game offers both good prices on gold and offer a lot of services that most sites do not offer. This company is one of the best places to buy World of Warcraft gold and services such as powerleveling. I have been watching this company for serveral years and I highly recomend using them..

matt Hauge
June 07,2008

As ever, good and informative service. Was told right away that they currently had insufficient funds to complete my order; within a few hours I'd received the gold. Thoroughly recommended..

Justin Hartmann
May 01,2008

Another excellent transaction on 2 different servers. Once again checked for stock, then I rinsed them out 1min 30 sec delivery on first 3min on second one..

randy Hartung
April 26,2008

Hello! I just want to reply to you and tell you how satisfied I was with your service. Everything was done jsut as I had expected and for that I am very thankful. I look forward to doing business with you again..

Terry Stiffler
April 10,2008

Thank you very much for your prompt service The transaction of purchasing WOW gold and the delivery time was very prompt and appreciated.I will definetly be doing business with u again.thanks again have a great day.

Owain stidolph
April 09,2008

I just wanted to let yall know... You guys are by far the best selling site for any game Ive every played... Ill never use another site... The quickness in which I recieve my stuff is amazing.. doesnt matter which game... WoW, LotRO, etc.... Just saying Thanks keep up the good work.

trevor Slezak
March 21,2008

Thanks! I like this approach *a lot*. However, I think you're estimates on value may be a little high given what I see in the AH. Perhaps I'll be able to get these prices during peak weekend times, but certainly not weekdays. You might shoot a little lower on the estimates. In any event, I'm quite happy and will return in the future - very refreshing to have a transaction go so smoothly! Thanks again!.

Josh Shimizu
January 17,2008

Just replying to let you know that I got the items and am statisfied with the method. Even though I was a little confused at first when I got the items and the e-mail you sent hadn't arrived, after reading the e-mail it makes alot of sense to do it this way. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you for your fast service and take care..

Gabriel Sehorn
October 24,2007

It all sold the stuff . The secret is to sell the shadow cloth separatly not as a single unit. Thankyou sooo much for your help and time. You have been very proffesional and open with your communication..

Simone scrimshaw
September 28,2007