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24 hours, 7 days a week, this site will have your gold in under 30 minutes! Plus, you get coupons with every purchase, and monthly coupons from the newsletter. By far the cheapest and most efficient site for all your gaming needs. I bought mine at 3 in the morning, made a mistake filling out my form, and IM'd customer service at 4 in the morning because THEY'RE ON THEN! 10 minutes later I had my gold..

February 25,2012

Extremely satisfied did business with another sight almost got caught guy for game is discrete fast efficient and above all cheaper than any other highly recommended once get a try will return again and again hope they will do same services for diablo 3..

February 23,2012

Great job from G4G. They get gold to you fast and I mean by the time you open up the game and log in you will wait no longer then five minutes before you are contacted and the trade is completed in a matter of moments. Thank you so much guys.

February 22,2012

I have long been a user of guy4game, and i must say. They never dissapoint. I always get my gear/leveling done on time, and very effectivly. If you are worried about being caught, dont be, i have never been caught, rest assured, guy4game is careful, and care about you as a customer, and will do nothing to jeporadize the security of your account. The reps are friendly, helpful, and patient, i know this all from experience. Thank you for your time, sorry for any puncuation/spelling errors..

Caden Crabtree
February 21,2012

First i will thank G4G.com a billion times and more, last trade n chat wd Mary was perfect. Thanks also to all others working on this and ofcourse all the suppliers and friends. This will save a lot of time and less money, or should i say More time for the game and less money to get rid off. You are sent from heaven guys. Thanks a lot. Jimmy.

February 16,2012

As always these guys are excellent. I messed up my order by not changing the faction to horde and they fixed it no problem. If you dont order from them you are losing money and time. Delivered quickly after fixing my mess up fast. Thanks again GUY4GAME. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING.

jacob schmille
February 15,2012

FAST FAST FAST!!! Fasted gold delivery on the net!!! And the safest!!!.

laurie kania
February 14,2012

Great got my gold quick and easy wonderful. Pusaay patrol.

Jacob Tansey
February 06,2012

Excellent Service Always delivered in about an hour.

February 04,2012

Awesome service, I have ordered ALOT of times from here.. Probably tooo many but the service is that good and if you got the money to spend on Guy4Game.com's services , DO IT. You will not be disappointed, my wallet has gotten very slim now that I found this site, its awesome service. Thank you and hopefully I will not be homeless due to Guy4game.com's incredible service. =) Im addicted.

February 01,2012

Super Fast Delivery! Great Customer Service. I received my WOW gold and Vial of The Sands!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!.

Ted Ny
January 29,2012

hi if u reading this i just wana say that this website IS THE BEST website to order from, u get ur orders sooo fast! And if somthings rong! they give u 100% REFUND I LOVE THIS WEBSITE AND IM ALWAY GONNA ORDER FROM HEREa and if u just came into the website and ur reading this i just wanna say DONT LEAVE AN GO SOMWHERE ELSE because this website is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will always order my stuuff from HERE NO WHERE ELSE >:).

jeff c
January 28,2012

I got my gold in minutes after purchasing it. I was treated well, and I wasted more time getting to the person than the person did getting to me. This service has been amazing and I think I'll go for this site in the future..

Hex Nara
January 28,2012

was fast thanks guys and gals.

johnny edwards
January 26,2012

Fast, Simple and no hassle def a 10/10.

January 25,2012

Got my order in less an hour! EXCELLENT service i say!.

January 23,2012

Received my gold within 15 minutes. Most excellent service, simple and quick :D.

Tyler MacInnis
January 21,2012

This site is awesome. Bought here a few times now and the service remains reliable. Really fast! Cheers!.

Haz Haz
January 21,2012

I was kinda skeptical about buying gold since i have been playing for 4 years had never done it before.I was worried when i put cc info in.I entered all the info needed which took a few minutes.15 minutes later,I got all the gold i had paid for.It was very quick and painless.I will be doing this again.YOU GUYS ROCK!!.

January 20,2012

Quite happy with fast delivery service! Definitely will come back for purchasing more WOW gold! Thanks for the great service guys! and without a doubt! i will recommend this to my friends who are playing World of Warcraft! Thank you!.

Ted Ny
January 20,2012