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Fast, Simple and no hassle def a 10/10.

January 25,2012

Got my order in less an hour! EXCELLENT service i say!.

January 23,2012

Received my gold within 15 minutes. Most excellent service, simple and quick :D.

Tyler MacInnis
January 21,2012

This site is awesome. Bought here a few times now and the service remains reliable. Really fast! Cheers!.

Haz Haz
January 21,2012

I was kinda skeptical about buying gold since i have been playing for 4 years had never done it before.I was worried when i put cc info in.I entered all the info needed which took a few minutes.15 minutes later,I got all the gold i had paid for.It was very quick and painless.I will be doing this again.YOU GUYS ROCK!!.

January 20,2012

Quite happy with fast delivery service! Definitely will come back for purchasing more WOW gold! Thanks for the great service guys! and without a doubt! i will recommend this to my friends who are playing World of Warcraft! Thank you!.

Ted Ny
January 20,2012

Super fast, super easy, super friendly. Had my gold in 10 minutes. For the HORDE!.

Jeff G
January 15,2012

I have brought twice, the staff are so helpful. I will be buying the gold I need instead of waiting months to get it and then a new extension. Thanks guys :).

Jen Brooke
January 13,2012

OMG ! I have bought gold twice and it comes in like 15 min ! The staff here are so nice and helpful ! I sugest this website for all people that struggle with making gold ! Just like me :).

Lucas Wittrup
January 11,2012

OMG you guys rock!! got what i needed in such a fast delivery thank you so much!!!.

Dane Smith
January 08,2012

order was fast took 5 minutes to process, and 10 mins in game to deliver, i thought it was all a hoax but now i know where to order gold from..

January 08,2012

most sites i never can trust, i got to this one started small and went big, This is the best place to get rich and save time doing it, Keep up the good work!.

Eric zep
January 08,2012

Got my gold in about 20 mins. Pretty good..

January 08,2012

Ordered a lot of times, got it pretty quick. This time, the server was out of stock so I ended up waiting a little over 3 hours but I was able to get the gold with a little compensation ;).

January 07,2012

Guy4Game did a brilliant job handling my situation, (paypal) and was able to get my gold minutes after I logged. 5*.

Six One
January 07,2012

I have bought gold a few times before, and I have always been promised that they have gold in stock and they can deliver and so on. I was told the same here, and thought "well can that be true". I have read a LOT of these "Testimonial" and you guys say this site is the best and they deliver fast. I ordered 120k, with a bonus on top, and I waited maybe 15 min, and I got all the gold. I really must say, really really nice customer service, both ingame and on live chat. That I needed to come to the starting area for getting my gold, well, np on that, I got my gold without chatting with live support and being pissed and angry for being lied to. This is a great site for wow gold buyers, I will differently tell my friends about this site, and come back when the needs get there..

January 07,2012

I bought gold 3 times before this, each from a site that claimed to have an instant-delivery guarentee. I was dumb enough to believe them and didn't recieve the gold until 2 weeks later. This is completely not the case with this site. I ordered 44K gold just yesterday and recieved the full payment within 20 mins of ordering. ty so much Guy4Game!.

January 06,2012

Bought 44k gold and I received it in only 5/6 minutes! Was on Live chat with Ann, thanks for everything! I will definitely recommend this to friends and suggest people order from here!.

Mario Galban
January 06,2012

First time doing anything like this. 20 mins after purchase thru Paypal, I was contacted in game and made the delivery! Totally easy and will probably use again! Vial Of The Sands, here I come!.

January 06,2012

This was my first time doing this. Very easy! It took a little over an hour to get all my gold. However, the entire time I was chatting with Rita. No issues, straightforward! Thanks!.

January 03,2012