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I recently purchased gold and I got it within 1 hour awsome website will be buying again :D.

Tommy Dao
August 19,2013

Fast and friendly service :).

August 19,2013

When i first bought gold from them i was a little worried about getting scammed out of my money, but they came through, now this is the only place i buy gold from. i wouldn't go anywhere else!.

August 15,2013

I liked the way they use the auction house now for gold much better way to trade without getting the gold taken away by blizzard.

Rocky Road
August 12,2013

I know people might have trust issues considering this website and what not. I took a shot in the dark and was amazed with the results. I know for a fact I will be buying more from this website..

August 11,2013

have ordered from this site a number of times.. always get whats promised on time.. I did have one time that the gold was supposed to be ready within an hour but it wasn't.. lol I did buy a lot so I can understand they might not have it in stock.. I did get half of it within the hour had to wait almost 24 hours for the rest but they did make it right by me with extra gold for my troubles.. took a break from wow and now im back on the site if that tells you anything!! only site i trust with my account and time!! thanks guy4game you guys seriously rock!! i wont shop anywhere else!.

jr h
August 08,2013

Awesome service real happy quick use again sometime ty :).

August 08,2013

First time using a site like this and had no issues at all... other than making the order only to find out the was no gold available on my server (Note: Ask live chat if there is stock before buying) . I was asked if I was able to wait while they refilled there supply or money back I was happy to wait... few days and I had a /W saying to meet in Org. BOOM done. Will defiantly be using this site again... even if i have to wait a day or two. Thanks again..

August 04,2013

At first I thought this would be a scam and against my best judgements I did it anyways, I was relieved to find out they accept google wallet which I LOVED. The transaction went through fast and secure, but the gold delivery was NOT instant, it did infact take over 5 hours to get the gold. Not buying from this site again, but was atleast secure..

August 04,2013

A+ service 10/10 would buy again. ordered and got my gold within 15 MINUTES. totally awesomez. Happy with the service. :)))).

August 03,2013

very good site.really woks! i got 20k gold an after i placed the order i got it in like 8min. a lvl 1 invited me to his group an then went to his guild vault an then traded me the 20k.

cody lette
August 03,2013

Very professional and easy to use site. I will be using it again in the future..

August 01,2013

I was very skeptical, considering this was my first gold purchase on World of Warcraft. I was not disappointed! I got my order in less than a half hour and it was quick and painless. Thanks, Guy4Game!.

July 31,2013

I was scared at first that this website was going to just take my money and not give me anything after I got on live chat to hear "they were out of stock", but not even two seconds the online help mentioned that due to the fact that they were and couldn't live up to their standards that she has added 1,000 more gold onto my order free of charge. Honestly, I am thrilled! I love this website and so happy that this isn't a fake. Well be a returning customer no doubt!.

October Jones
July 30,2013

Well, I figured I would keep going with the positive feedback, I ordered 10k gold about a month ago got it in 10 minutes, ordered 80k gold the next day, and got it in 5 minutes, I just ordered a leveling service they said would take two weeks and they almost already have it done. Great trustworthy site, and their prices, are incredibly low. If you really thought about how much time it would take to make that gold or make that character from level 1-90 with 475pvp gear (approximately 200 hours) versus buying it you really save yourself a ton of time and hassle. They only charge $1.41 an hour for what they say they are working. I would say thats pretty good..

July 29,2013

Hello everybody!!! I just want to say that Guy4game.com is hands down the best place out their. look no further trust me!!! Anyways, This was my first transaction Att. with them so I wanted to go small the first time around so I got a 20k pkg. of gold to try them out. It went flawless as Panda walked me through the whole process in live chat within five minutes I was told to log into wow and head to the sw trade district that my gold was on its way.( I was like holy shit that was fast) I did exactly that and was sent a whisper to meet at the bank then he sent a party invite opened the trade window and out came my 20k in gold along with another random item I guess to make the face to face look legit. That's it that simple no headaches!!! However, I did get some kind of warning letter from blizzard the very next day warning me about these types of companies and buying gold form outside of the game and such. They didn't say they knew I bought gold just that its happening to people and scams. to watch out for it. that if I got caught I could have my account banned or suspended... I did inform G4G about what I had received, and they were happy to inform me that I need not worry just take a break for two days on the face to face gold exchange. But I could do AH right away with no problems. I waited the two days regardless of what they said just to be extra safe. Since that time and every time after that, was just flawless.... This is your one stop shop!!!! The best on the net!!! Thank You Guy4game.com!!!!!!.

Scott Murp
July 29,2013

Guy4Game is an amazing website. Great customer service,never get scammed,and there is a very very slim chance your account will be banned. If you ever want A LOT of gold for very reasonable prices,Guy4Game is for sure worth it!!!.

July 29,2013

After a nervous wait, I got the gold I ordered. Because it was late, I got an extra 2,500. It was worth the wait. I'd buy again!.

July 29,2013

Amazing Sight. Lots of Payment options. Fast delivery. Less then 10 mins after payment varified!!!!.

July 28,2013

I bought 50,000g 2 days ago, and all I can say is AWESOME. I no sooner placed my order, and logged on to my character ,that someone was waiting for me for the transfer! I've used other sites before that were kind of sketchy, but this was great! Thank you so much! I highly recommenced using this site!.

July 28,2013