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Purchased about 100k in gold, and realized I had done it for the EU servers instead of US on XMAS EVE. I contacted the site via live chat and had my gold delivered within an hour. Unlike some other sites that make you wait days and charge more money. I also felt the customer service was pretty good, and everyone I spoke to (via live chat and the ingame delivery) where nice and professional. I will be back when I have future needs..

December 25,2011

This website is amazing if want to buy gold or anything else come here A+++ Ce site web est super ci vous voulez achetez de l'or ou quoi que ce soit je recommande A+++.

Mikes Auger
December 25,2011

This site is amazing it is a legit site only problem is its a little more expensive than other gold sites but all the extra money goes into the great service. always trust guy4gold they can be trusted with any service they do from getting u mounts to giving u simply a game time card..

harrison noble
December 24,2011

i have bought gold from this site for the past year and they have never let me down.

j wow
December 23,2011

Merci beaucoup^^.

December 23,2011

Very fast, ordered 100k+ at a time got it within the hour, constantly contacted and updated me... will defiantly come here to buy again if the need arises. 11/10.

December 22,2011

Pros: I have used this site twice now to get gold, and both times they have gotten the gold to me within 5 minutes, there is almost no wait. I would definitely recommend this site, they give you the gold face to face in game. Cons: The only con is that both times, the person giving me the gold is a level one who just sits in the starting zone and demands "come here." they dont even come to you while youre coming to them. They can be kinda grumpy..

December 18,2011

I love Guy4game, I have never been disappointed with the WoW gold service!.

December 18,2011

WOW...unbelievably fast delivery. had it less than 5min..

December 18,2011

Fast and professional delivery. I paid and had the gold in less than 30 minutes. Excellent..

December 16,2011

Guy4game is the cheapest Gold Seller i have come across. Their supplier recently contacted me and i went to their site to view their prices. The sales person kept saying they were cheaper, But the prices were twice as much as guy4game. These guys are efficient, cheap and awesome. I swear upon my soul That guy4game is the best when it come to WoW gold..

David Harris
December 16,2011

Im so glad I tried this site, I gotta admit that I was so scared at first because it was my first time ever!, the service was so nice and friendly! Im going to keep buying from them. ty agaiN! :D.

Marianela Otero
December 13,2011

Very convenient. Very fast delivery and great customer service. I was very happy to find a gold seller that can actually speak english :) Look forward to buying more in the future!.

Dan Parker
December 12,2011

Without a doubt, great service. Quick, easy, and to the point. Thanks guys!.

Brian Smith
December 11,2011

This is my first time to buy gold and I was VERY leery of the whole thing. I think we all know the spammers that pop up in trade and that whole shady business. This site is NOT like that! The whole thing took about 20 minutes and I had great live customer support the whole time. I am beyond pleased with everything! FYI: I was told, when I asked about future purchases, to message live support first and they will be getting in gear while I make my purchase. Will help cut down the wait time. I will definitely be coming back here again! Thanks for a great first experience! :).

Annie C
December 11,2011

Guy4Game.com is fast and reliable, I never had a problem with them. They are polite and they have great prices. I get all my gold with in 1 hour, I give them a 5 out of 5..

Garett Mason
December 09,2011

Wow, so iv been to many different gold buying sites all promising quick and professional delivery. for instance on one occasion i even waited 9 and a half hours for there so called super quick delivery system. But not with this site. This time I only waited about (ur gonna love this) 8min for the transfer of a quite large amount of gold. Absolutely amazing delivery time. this site sets the bar on what a Wow gold buying site should be. I well definitely be returning to purchase gold from this site in the very near future and i will definitely be referring all my friends to this site for all their gold buying needs..

Donnie S.
December 08,2011

Guy4game.com was my first provider of WoW gold. All I have to say is that they will continue to be my provider so long as they have gold to give. Customer Service is hands down 5/5.

Brett B
December 07,2011

always buy gold from them , this is my 4 time, and i love the service,always fast and secure , try it its worthy ;).

December 06,2011

I have been using another service for years now, so when i found out about Guys4Games, I was naturally sceptical, and a little worried to be honest. I was pleased when I received my order in less than 20 mins. This is now my website of choice. I am an avid player and will return very soon. Thank you!!.

December 05,2011