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I got my gold pretty quick i logged on to wow and about 15 min after i ordered i got a whisper and a party invite and then i met the guy in valley of trials and there he was sitting there made my day lol..

September 27,2011

I want to say I took delivery of my gold, it was prompt and as expected. I have also leveled a few toons with their powerleveling service.. Very professional and will likely order again.

Elizabeth Hardy
September 23,2011

I placed an order for gold and numerous items. The service is as fast as they say. Everything was delivered on time and I received everything I requested without any bumps in the road. I look forward to using this site again soon. Thanks again!.

September 23,2011

Delivered as promised. Will buy again if/when I need it!.

September 23,2011

I got my gold in about 15 mins great service!.

September 22,2011

Absolutely the best service I have used. I literally had my gold within 10 minutes both times I used this service. Very courteous, polite, and NO surprise charge on my cc. Thank you!.

Michael Barras
September 21,2011

Took a while as a placed a large order, but all the way through the process They kept me informed and then, after finishing a random, ingot the whisper and It was all sorted within 30 second..

September 20,2011

Fantastic service, very quick and polite! Would use again!.

September 20,2011

Never had an easier time buying gold than with guy4game. You order, 10min later you have your gold. Can only recommend to everyone.

September 20,2011

wow that was i get invited by this guy whispering ...i got ur order i hearthed home & was on my drake in secs flying took ten 15 secs all set. fun & fast thank u guys for gold.

September 19,2011

Totally legit. Everything went smooth as silk. Done in like 15 minutes, 20 tops..

September 18,2011

Guy4game have a great service. Got my gold in 30min after purchase. thanks!.

September 14,2011

I bought 11k gold 2x's now. Both times it was so easy and had my gold in less than 30 minutes. The last time I tried to buy gold they told me up front they were out and it may take a day or so. They were up front and honest. I waited a day came back and got my gold in 10 minutes. I would recommend to my friends and family..

Matt R
September 12,2011

Bought 11k. Great price, very easy to work with. Got within 10 minutes. No phone call, no bs..

Bobby C
September 10,2011

Got it in game .... 30 min after :) got it in two shots one of 13000 and then 20000 but still got it :).

Jason DP
September 09,2011

this is my firs time of this service, and the delivery was very fast , im very satified,i will stay in this service as long i need gold and play wow :D.

stevens velasquez
September 09,2011

It is the second time I use this website to get money on wow.... and it will certainly be another time, regarding the quality of the purchase. 10 minutes after my command was payed, some dude /w me in game, asked me to go to a bank and gave me my 22000 gold. Once again that was a pleasure to deal with u guys. See ya! A grateful customer.

September 09,2011

I ordered 10k and opened a chat with the online sevice and got it almost instantly some other placed i used took there time and overcharged. I am thinking about another 10k+ for my other servers..

September 08,2011

At first, I was quite nervous putting my credit card on a website I didn't know. But I tried it and got my gold very fast. Btw, if your totally new to buying gold, if some guy whispers "Come trade with me" to you, thats the guy with your gold. I had to learn that the hard way lol. Peace! This website rocks!.

Stefan Bachman
September 07,2011

Great site, I ordered 10k gold to start with, Got it 10 minutes later... If that, So I ordered another 10k for another realm I play, Got it within 5-10 minutes again, All in all great services =).

September 06,2011