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I ordered 10k and opened a chat with the online sevice and got it almost instantly some other placed i used took there time and overcharged. I am thinking about another 10k+ for my other servers..

September 08,2011

At first, I was quite nervous putting my credit card on a website I didn't know. But I tried it and got my gold very fast. Btw, if your totally new to buying gold, if some guy whispers "Come trade with me" to you, thats the guy with your gold. I had to learn that the hard way lol. Peace! This website rocks!.

Stefan Bachman
September 07,2011

Great site, I ordered 10k gold to start with, Got it 10 minutes later... If that, So I ordered another 10k for another realm I play, Got it within 5-10 minutes again, All in all great services =).

September 06,2011

Hi, I did get my money, thanks to you guys. As soon as I was connected, someone was /w me and invite me into a group to deliver the amount. 10 minutes later, I got my stuff hehe ^^. Thanks a lot and see you soon I think. A grateful customer..

September 03,2011

Great fast and efficient service, before Guy4Game i was very skeptical about gold buying sites but after my delivery was made under the best ETA and it was all in order, i was amazed and am now only going to buy gold from these guys. All in all they are very professional and proficient Thanks Guy4Game.

September 02,2011

Didn't expect it to be completed so fast! Got the gold within 15 mins..

September 02,2011

I've never bought gold before but got to the point where my alt wasn't making enough moolah to support her enchanting / tailoring habits! Wasn't sure how it would go but was extremely impressed. Paid by PayPal and got a whisp in minutes (like less than 10), no mucking around, buckos in trade window. Very impressive..

Tim S
September 01,2011

amazing was real unsure how i would work but placed the order went for a smoke came back and there it was like 5-6 mins really impressed..

August 30,2011

When i placed my order i was thinking that i'll have to wait the whole day for the delivery, but surpisingly i got contacted and recieved my order within 30 minutes or maybe less. Legit, Super fast & lowest prices. Cann't ask for more.

Grateful customer
August 29,2011

Excellent company.. my husband and I have been using this site for over 4 years now and have NEVER had any problems with them. They are super fast and have very friendly customer service. We'd recommend them to everyone and will definitely continue using them for all our gaming needs! Thanks so much guy4game!!.

August 27,2011

Excellent service, no problems and the wait was very short... really happy to recommend them to anyone!.

August 24,2011

I used this page first time for 5k gold and i once bought 20k and used this site often :).

August 22,2011

I just ordered some gold the lowest one to try it out and it was like faster than I could blink when I got it :) I thought you can get banned or something like that but so far no! I am so glad to buy more stuff on this site..

Adib Ali
August 20,2011

Thanks guy4game awsome team.

Sam Renolds
August 19,2011

Very fast delivery, thank you guys!.

Timothy Deffendoll
August 19,2011

The best wow gold seller, face to face and superfast!.

August 19,2011

You guys are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and service. Word of advice to anyone who orders, check with the online chat first to make sure they have gold on your realm. When they do, it is delivered so quickly!! Thanks guys!.

August 19,2011

i am impressed less than 20 minutes after placing my order with guy4game i had received my gold purchase thanks guys.

Brett Douglas
August 18,2011

Very fast, unbeatable prices! I'll surely buy from you again!.

August 15,2011

Quick service!! Didn't expect it so fast so I was off in Hyjal.

August 13,2011