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I have bought gold from this site 3 times and it has been delivered within 20 minutes everytime..

April 15,2012

Helpful and professional! I always talk to an operator prior to purchasing any gold. If gold is not available at the time of purchase, G4G will give recommendations based on the stock levels. Not to mention, speedy service and absolutely no hassles while in game for promotions or to solicit gold. I have been using G4G for well over a year for a few of my MMO's I play(WoW, EQ2, FFOnline, and recently SWTOR). Thank you for putting your Customers first G4G!.

Nathan Williams
April 15,2012

i bought gold today and got the gold in 5mins its fast cheep and safe..

Owen Dower
April 15,2012

This was my first time buying gold and i dont regret it , i will certainly buy from this site again!.

April 11,2012

Guy4game, the one and only site i come to for WoW goods! they have excellent customer service and amazing delivery time! Highly recommended!!.

April 10,2012

I really trusted this site from the beginning and even though i DID worry a little at first, like most probably do - the guy met me in the first 10 minutes and traded me what I paid for. Sweet stuff. I would recommend this site for anyone..

Kayla Cowan
April 09,2012

Wow shut down for extra hours and I wad worried for a while by you all came thru like a champ. I won't use Paypal again - they are exceeding slow - this was much faster. Keep up the good work!.

James Hill
April 04,2012

Bought gold for the first time was nervous thought it would take long but i received my gold within an hour. just whispered and we meet up for an open trade and i received my gold speedy delivery accurate i got what i paid for. I reccomend these guys..

jaime polanco
April 03,2012

great service didn't take long was very nervous at first bit i would recommend these guys.

Dale Berry
April 02,2012

Thanks again guys... Crazy fast service every time. Best prices and never a single issue. More than once I have checkout and had my order within 10 minutes. Have to love the real one on one CS, no bull delays here..

April 01,2012

Will never buy from another site again, Guy4game has the fastest service ever, had my gold within 10 minutes and very helpful, friendly on-line customer service. very satisfied..

March 30,2012

Bought WoW gold from this site and received it within 20minutes. I will buy here again. :).

Kye .
March 30,2012

Outstanding service. This is the cheapest gold I have ever purchased. I got 112k gold and the full amount was delivered 20 minutes after purchasing. I bought 20k from another site once and it took them 6 hours and multiple trades to deliver. Will continue using these guys..

Mr Bow
March 25,2012

Great service, quick delivery and great prices. I was very cautious at first but this would probably be the only site i would trust..

March 24,2012

Excellent site, customer service, and overall satisfaction. I would only buy gold from this site!!!! The best!!.

March 23,2012

This place is affordable, safe, fast, just freakin awesome! Thank You guy4game.com...... your the best!.

David Bormann
March 19,2012

Good service.

Mark Smith
March 19,2012

This is amazingly fast, cheap and 100% reliable.

Austen Merkel
March 17,2012

Was a little nervous at first, but once I made the purchase the gold was delivered in less than 30 minutes and it was exactly what I ordered. Very smooth transaction. Great job!.

March 15,2012

Awesome site. They actually work. First time I bought something from here I was pretty nervous but the customer service was great and all worked out on time ^_^ I hope that there would be a way to get notified by email whenever theres discounts on your realm. That would be awesome!.

March 13,2012