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The cheapest, friendliest, most efficient WoW gold service around! Look no further, after the first sale, you'll be a costumer for life!.

ben dover
September 16,2010

Very quick service.. Paid me 3 installments but i guess thats the safe way. Highly recommended.

September 13,2010

As soon I ordered Wow gold from guy4game, I was wondering if I could manage to be on the whole day waiting for my gold.After I ordered, I started playing and literally about 10 minutes later, an employee whispered me and delivered the gold.I was really surprised how fast it was.Another employee even whispered me to make sure everything was going okay with my purchase.guy4game is the first website I ever ordered gold from and it will definetely be THE only website I order golf from.Thankyou guy4game.

Satisfied Customer
September 12,2010

Quick as ever, best service ..

A Anonymity
September 10,2010

Yes, I love being rich. GKDP = You need a lot of money...Got my 6700gs yesterday thank you GUY4GAME!!.

Glades middle
August 31,2010

very fast delivery. fastest i ever seen. would definitely recommend to others and buy again.

August 31,2010

Hi i would just like to say that Guy4game.com is probably the best wow gold site i have bin to. They deliver the amount of gold you have ordered in hours of your order..

Zahir Ibrahim
August 31,2010

have bough gold quite few times and always waiting for too long. so now i was 'yeah right....7.5k gp in 6h? lolololololol' made the delivery and then after 5-10min max i had the money. best delivery ever definitely will buy again..

stelios k
August 31,2010

I wasn't sure about buying gold online like this, because I wasn't sure if it was safe but I tried it and it was great. They were really fast with getting me the money and very nice. I even went back and bought more from them and will continue to buy from them. Great prices too..

August 30,2010

I really do love gold.

Andy Noway
August 28,2010

Guy4game is great! second time I have bought from them and they are always smooth. THANKS!.

Zachary gabriel
August 24,2010

Woow this was my first time buying gold but it was so fast and easy! I was very skeptical at first but wow it was great! For you guys who dont trust the website pst me on WoW my name is Azeroth on the realm Garrosh..

Jayden Obirek
August 23,2010

Fast and secure ^^.

August 23,2010

Thanks guys. You did everything you said you would. We will be doing more bussiness together..

Leonard Compton
August 22,2010

I am totally blown away at how fast you were in getting the gold to me. SO much faster than other companies. Thanks!.

August 19,2010

Just placed my first order and had my gold in about 20 minutes. This site is quick, easy to use and navigate and I will definitely be back for more in the future!.

August 18,2010

Really fast,friendy and easy to use.i'll only use them from now on for gold.

micheal heiwtt
August 15,2010

One word: Epic!!!! :D :D.

Achilles Sivertsen
August 12,2010

Nice service. Worked as I expected..

Nils Berghagen
August 11,2010

Great service said i would be on-line 18:45 received gold 19:00 would buy from again..

August 11,2010