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dang! i ordered this, LITERALLY ten minutes later i got it :) fantastic! you'll dwefinitely be getting my business again:).

jonathan higle
November 06,2010

I realy like what they are doing. They are trusted and not greedy at all !! And they are so fast with delivering Guy4Game ur the best.

November 01,2010

I had a large gold order delivered in less than 5 minutes! Ive used another competetor in the past with poor results.. Everything about this company is great..speed, customer service, delivery. Gamer first customer service mentality..they rock. I will definately buy again. oh and btw...the live chat reps..are REAL people...(not that it matters to me..but some do)..they are real agents who are native english speakers...not chinese chat bots. i give it an A+ thanks again guys.

October 30,2010

The first time I made a large gold purchase I was understandably nervous and unsure if Guy4Game was legit. It happen to be the day after "the patch" and the suppliers were not up to full stock. I kept checking in with the online assistance folks (who are great by the way) and they were very friendly and supportive. My first order took 3 days to fill but the service was GREAT! On my next order, I was stunned when 3 minutes after I made the purchase, the online assistant told me that my order was ready for delivery. Guy4Game is definitely the people to go to for your WoW gold. A big thank you to all the staff..

October 27,2010

Love dealing with this company especially dealing with other gold/power leveling sites. Gold delivery is alway fast. The power leveling took sometime but at I was always able to get a hold of someone who could look into the matter without issues. Love it....

October 25,2010

i ordered 8k gold. it's my first time buying gold online. a little doubtful at first, but my buddy said it's okay. eventhough it like a few days until i got my gold like 10 minutes ago. they also compensated for my waiting and efforts to wait. i am very satisfied with this site and looking forward to deal more business with them..

Thomas E
October 22,2010

I ordered 22k in gold. I took a week for me to get, but they compensated for me on there delay with some extra bonuses. This website is awesome, i will buy from them anytime..

October 20,2010

Never had an issue when purchasing gold from G4G. Always recieved within 24 hours and always recieved emails asking for confirmation that I did. Also a follow up in game once all gold was recieved to ensure I recieved the entire amount. Very professional compared to 2 other wow gold sites I tried ONCE before. Not the cheapest dollar for gold amount on web but you can count on their gold delivery and their customer service is the best. Loyal customer,.

WoW freak
October 18,2010

Great service! I ordered 3,300 gold - got the first 1200 in approximately 2 hours. They followed up with me in game to be sure I got the 1200. The rest of it was late - when I checked on my order online the person was polite and communicated in good English. They did honor the 6 hour gurantee of bonus 25% and within 1 hour of logging on the next morning - I got the remainder of my order with my bonus. I would buy from here again..

October 17,2010

i had my gold in 2-3 hours, what a awesome group..

October 16,2010

This site is awesome, its my first time purchasing and the online chat support was really great, after my purchase was confirmed, it took only 15mins before my gold was sent to me. Seriously good service, keep it up and thank you..

Sangeet Singh
October 16,2010

im vey very happy with the service. i mean first time buyer and they've answered all my question and gave me their trust by doin so. i bought 10k gold and im really happy about it. thanks to mary for her patience and nancy for her promptness. i will buy again and recommend this company..

October 13,2010

very very accommodating specially mary and nancy=) first time buyer but never regretted it lol.

October 13,2010

Amazing!!! had my gold in 1?2 an hour will be more than happy to use you again..

bubs hubs
October 10,2010

i have got WOW 52300gold. Thank you..

October 10,2010

keep it up.

anthony mccartney
October 10,2010

Omg, this is soo amazing!. 7850 gold after 30 min, never tried better.

Nicolaj Grum
October 09,2010

I LOVE THIS SITE!@! i bought 3k gold a while ago, got it within a few minutes! i bought again and got 6k gold in less then a half hour, I WILL BUY AGAIN FOR SURE! Glad to never be poor in WoW again :D To everyone wondering if this site is safe.. YES IT IS!@ Very safe and very fast :D.

October 06,2010

You can trust this site !!! bought 3000gold super fast took only about 10 mins tops fair price plus cant beat 10% for free either .. still have my gold still have faith in internet buying..

October 04,2010

Purchased 10K gold the other day and it was delivered to me faster than the auction house. They stayed connect with me through their live chat the entire time to ensure that i received the gold. They helped me step by step through the process and never left me hanging. As soon as I receive my email from their raid manager with my questions I will be purchasing some other things. I recommend Guy4Game.com for your gold buying experience. Next week I will be buying more gold to ensure I have a good stockpile before the new expansion..

October 03,2010