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Ok honestly I was scared about trying this cause of all the stories of people losing their money on sites like this. But Honestly its so easy! Got my gold within 5 minutes of placing my order. I even read these and thought they probly just type these things up themselves. But nope real people, real site, real deal. Gotta try it, and their live on site 24 hour support best idea ever. :).

Ashley Hammond
December 02,2010

The delivery was fast, and secure. And good service as well..

dani bahar
November 29,2010

Guy4Game is the best! I got my order so lightning fast, I was just amazed! Their service is outstanding....ICHIBAN!!.

Reggie Matsuhara
November 28,2010

Ok I have been a customer for 3 months now and have bever had a problem I get my gold almost imediatly after I place my order and dont have to wait long at all, the People are friendly and considerate and profesional. I dont think I'll ever use a diffrent site Ever I would definatly suggest this site to any G Buyer out there. Jenj69.

Jennifer johnston
November 28,2010

Delivery in under 20min? Amazing service!.

November 25,2010

All perfect! Great service..

November 24,2010

Got the gold in a good amount of time... Very happy.

michael potts
November 22,2010

NOT gonna lie, this was my first time buying gold online and was very scared. the garuntee is what made me try. I GOT my 11k in 30 mins very professional and reliable. will be buying more than just gold and will be a loyal costumer for life.

micheal davidson
November 22,2010

recently I bought 15k of gold and it was delivered in less than 10 min! i couldnt belive this! I have now bought powerleveling and im w8ting for the results! looking good so far! TNX SO MUCH! would recomend this site!.

November 21,2010

Order completed in under 30 mins, thanks guys!..

Kevin Robinson
November 20,2010

I just love this gold service. probly the best one out there. i got mine in less than 5 min. now i know the best place to come to buy gold. Its safe, Its fast, Its cheap. my 8th time buying gold and I have not ever Ben Unhappy with the servace.

jack wes
November 18,2010

been using Guy4Game for a few months now, always friendly, gold got here fast and were very professional, did I mention friendly?.

November 18,2010

Was really impressed; got my 10000g + 1000g extra within about 15mins of payment clearing..

November 17,2010

The gold reached me in literally 5 minutes from order time. Excellent service.

November 15,2010

These guys are the BEST. There are four words to describe them, quick, easy, convenient, and most of all, safe. I got my gold within a few hours and was very satisfied with their services. Would definitely recommend them to anyone else, and most definitely come back for more..

i Pod
November 15,2010

Took all of fifteen minutes to deliver gold great prices and wonderful service getting all gold here from now on!.

November 14,2010

Order completed in under 30 mins, thanks guys!.

November 14,2010

You guys were quick and on time.

November 12,2010

I was totally surprised with the first class customer service I received and the prompt delivery. Totally surpassed my expectations! Will definitely use again and highly recommend..

Roger Horde
November 12,2010

Unlike other gold sellers Guy4game always deliver on time or at the very least let you know whats going on and contacts you when they have it. They have never kept me waiting around like the others do wasting precious levelling time. If you're looking for reliable gold delivery, then Guy4game is the right place. Don't compare pricing cause for a few dollars extra its realy worth the great service !.

Simon Assouline
November 11,2010