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best site ever.

anthony sawaya
July 18,2013

Hello everyone, I've been using Guy4Game for quite a bit, made several purchases and all I have to say - Guy4game is the site you should always use. 100% secure, mega-fast support, everything is in order and there's 0% chance of being scammed. Just thought to drop out my opinion, have fun!.

July 18,2013

Hey, noob first buyer I was. Very skeptical, first time and all really. And if it wasn't for the fast response by the lovely Beth, I probably would've died a little bit. But she reassured me that it was legit and talked me through it and made me feel better about it. During our chat, the "middle man" delivered the goods, and its 6:30 CT! Amazing. 10/10 Would Recommend. 10/10 Satisfaction 10/10 Speed 10/10 Legitimacy Likely to choose this place for more purchases? You bet your sweet ass I do..

July 18,2013

Ordered gold and within an hour and a half had it in my mailbox, and that's including the AH hour wait. Great service and love the only chat. Will be returning to purchase again..

Fred Banko
July 17,2013

I herd many things about this site but i hesitated until now i tried and i was amazed :D.

Tony Tang
July 17,2013


July 14,2013

Ordered 20k Gold and got it in hand in 5 mins , very fast delivery , will buy more ..

Brian Harter
July 14,2013

Best gold service that there is. The orders are always fulfilled almost instantaneously when in stock, and when not, within a few days at worst. Their customer service is also second to none. They're quick, and provide detailed information, and any way to accelerate the process if you're not online (such as offering ah purchasing as opposed to face to face). When late, they've compensated me with extra gold numerous times. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this gold service to anyone in need..

July 13,2013

You guys are great. Safe, honest, and fast. Your prices could be a bit lower lol. But really, so glad I found you and bella was a very helpful sales person..

July 11,2013

Awesome Service. I placed an order for 40k and woke up the next day with a nice 40 grand in my mail box. Im placing another order for 20k right now ^_^ Sweet!.

sam weber
July 09,2013

Have used their services several times and have always had excellent service that is fast and reliable. Even with an issue due to a lot of confusion, it was taken care of pronto. I love this group of people..

Chris G...
July 09,2013

This service is legit. Fast and very good customer service..

Sett Horde
July 03,2013

I've bought from guy4game twice now and both times have been easy and quick!! Awesome!.

Ty Redwood
June 30,2013

Bought 2 power lvling service from Guy4game. The first one got almost extra 9000 golds! The operator finished order 2 days earlier. The second package was 70-90, got 6000+ gold and it was done within almost 2 days. Great job Guy4game!!! I also purchased golds and other services before. I have to admit this website worth your trust and never failed me. Customer service team is also available always within 5 mins and very friendly. Thanks a lot!! Definitely will be back for more services..

June 29,2013

Guy 4 Game is always a quick and painless experience. They're friendly, they can speak English properly, and delivery your order almost immediately if in stock, and within 24 hours or less if not. Also, prices are quite fair. I don't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of gold..

June 29,2013

Awesome service. Responsive team. I highly recommend all of their services. These guys are the absolute best!.

June 28,2013

I usually don't write testimonies but I thought I would since all there services have been great,. I have ordered gold and powerleveling on several occasions and not once have they not completed and order, and if there late they always have something to compensate for waiting that extra time. Oh and not to mention there 24 hour live chat, if you're worried about and order just chat with them and they will have a status update fast. This is a great site I will be using it as long as I play WoW.

June 25,2013

I have nothing better to say about guy4game than great customer satisfaction. Bella and all the employees here know how to answer questions and provide real time information on item availability and stock time. Have no doubt that they follow through with the estimated time of delivery as stated. Website is completely genuine and is more than willing to assist its current and future customers..

June 25,2013

By far the best place Ive bought from. I truly hate dealing with other sites. This was extremely pleasant surprise..

Charlie Murray
June 22,2013

I bought gold, got it within 20 minutes, super easy, no scam, and I must say that was the smoothest ! Great Job Guy4Game! and thank you! -Cameron.

cameron rea
June 22,2013