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Delivered quickly, full amount. Seller was rude and made me travel to him rather than meeting at the site listed on Guy4game, but fast and accurate.

May 29,2014

the customer service was good but it took awhile to process the gold requested. i thought it was a small amount of gold and my friends order 5 or 6 times more and get it in half the time.

jake meek
May 25,2014

i was pretty worried when i made this transaction so i used a prepaid card, it took a while gave me a bit of trouble because only one of my orders was initially processed but i talked to a live service rep went by (panda) and he/she let me know that while currently the stock was out, they were replenishing and then would have it to me within 24hrs he/she also threw in an extra 500g which i thought was really nice, we resolved my other order issue and i couldnt have been happier with the service i will deffinitely use Guy4game.com again in the future.

max myronuk
May 22,2014

VERY satisfied with the outcome, although it took a while to arrive, I got slightly worried, I contacted support, they explained the situation, and after a good sleep there it was in my mailbox, with a tidy bonus for the wait. Will definitely be using again, very trustworthy and a great company!.

May 20,2014

Bought some gold, it did take 24 hours... but it is not a scam and my realm was high pop.. I'm very satisfied to have received my gold. Thank you Guy4game!.

J Dub
May 20,2014

Buying gold from online websites is always risky and you're usually worried about getting scammed This one of the websites I can vouch for that is totally legit Price wise, and trust wise. I won't buy gold from anywhere else..

Scott Howard
May 16,2014

I was a little nervous buying gold as first but the transaction was swift and easy, would buy from again, in fact i'm getting a mount from them soon..

terry pidgeon
May 16,2014

Of course my first thoughts on buying WoW gold off a website was being scammed or it being fake, but I figured I would give it a try anyway. My first time I got my gold within' 30 minutes. Then the 2nd time I waited maybe an hour, but once I talked to live support asking them the status on my gold order I had it 3 minutes after that. I believe this site is pretty trust worthy and I will keep using them if I ever to decide to buy gold again!.

Justin Lutzke
May 14,2014

Bought some WoW gold and some gear to get my going for raids. I was told within 12-24 hours, without a doubt, I had mail waiting for me when I woke up in the morning. What great way to start off the day!!.

May 14,2014

Last night I came across Guy4Game very first time on the website, I was a bit nervous and scared that it will be a scam but i bought my 10k gold before work and waited for an hour but no face to face or game mail, Talk to Lisa on live chat she helped me with my problems they were out of stock but 4-12 hours got a mail in game ty! for this wonderful site!!! and gold looking for more from you guys!!! anytime! :) *hugs!.

May 14,2014

No issues what so ever, the customer service (Lisa) was great and very helpful, thanks so much for the service! I will always suggest you to friends..

May 09,2014

I've been using this website for years now. By far the best and most safe website I've ever used. Never had any disputes or problems when buying guild from here. Fast friendly support and over all always a great experience. Thanks !.

Javier Garcia
May 07,2014

I have got to say I was very scared and nervous due to the risk of being scammed or banned. However Guy4Game's customer support has been very friendly, helpful to the best, and awesome. The only thing I have to complain is the time it took which was from April 21'th to April 27'th for my order to be complete.. But I will recommend this site to anyone who comes my way! I will definitely order again as a returning customer! :D I want to thank everyone who is a part of Guy4Game's Team!.

Joshua Bueno
April 27,2014

excellent service, ive made several purchases recently and got exactly what i asked for. There was a slight delay getting me 10k gold on my most recent purchase, i remained calm contacted them, and they got it for me and extra to boot. great service and ill keep going to them for my needs..

April 27,2014

This site ROCKS! I couldn't believe the prices and how fast i received my gold. It literally took 5 minutes. Live chat is super helpful as well. Definitely will be buying again real soon. Thanks Guy4Game!.

Hollow Man
April 25,2014

Very happy with the fast service and the online chat help line is very friendly and very helpful. Keep up the great work guys..

Mark Sayers
April 22,2014

Recently purchasing from Susan Express gold I decided i would shop around and finally stumbled upon Guy4Game. The prices being cheaper and the fact that they had a testimonial option and all the people on there were real, I had too try it out and see if it was really worth changing. Made an order for the lowest amount of gold and low and behold, 15 mins later I get called to ratchet and im getting my 10k gold while getting killed by the gaurds because i'm hated by them. The point is, not only are they cheaper and faster but also very professional about what they are doing. I know where im shopping from now on. -.o.

Seymore Butts
April 21,2014

I am impressed. I went to this site with a lot of doubts in my head. But I am VERY satisfied. The time was rather fast, they got it to me as quick as they could, think maybe a half an hour if that. Very happy. Thank you!.

April 19,2014

10 mins.... BAM! got my gold! Much love!.

jordan g
April 18,2014

Just want to say that this is not a scam at all.. Was a little nervous at first because of the possible banning of my account.. But safe to say everything went well. Took a little time to get my gold but that was only because of the high amount. Definitely will be using again if I need more gold :).

April 13,2014