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Have never thought it was safe to buy gold till i came here. They are very professional and the chat system with them online was great. I ordered 50k which they only had 34k on hand. Got most of the money withing 6 hours until they had a problem with getting the last part so i waited overnight and in the morning they had the remainder + 25% of the undelivered amount which was great. I would have no problem using them again.

Kiwibloke Ozzie
January 09,2011

at first i thought gold buying was a scam, then i tried it.. G4G was my first choice.. lets just say i fell in love :D.

johnnie ingram
January 09,2011

Excellent customer service aspect. I was nervous at first, but literally less than 5 minutes after I checked out, I had the gold in my account. Live Chat agent was very helpful. Definitely will be purchasing again..

January 07,2011

Service is FANTASTIC! The first time I ordered had my gold in less than 15 min. I ordered quite a bit more the second time, and their stock was too low to fill the order. They kept in constant contact and had the gold to me within 24 hrs. WITH THE 2500 EXTRA FOR TAKING MORE THAN 6 HRS. I have used other suppliers before, been duped a few times too, but I wont use anyone but Guy4Game anymore! SAFE! RELIABLE! FAST! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!.

January 06,2011

I have had about 6 seperate transaction with G4G including power levelling, gold and CD keys/time cards and expansions. Every transaction goes off smoothly. They meet in game immediately if golds in stock, sends keys and expansions via email in minutes and provides levelling that is quick and safe. Thanks G4G!.

January 06,2011

Purchases gold from them in the past. Their service was fantastic, was expecting to wait for awhile coz, of the amount ordered. But no, was done like with in 5 minutes. You guys are awesome!.

January 05,2011

I have been a customer for 4 or 5 years, and they have been AWSOME! I trust them more than I trust ..well I'll put no names, but if you go anywhere else to shop.. your getting robbed.. G4G thats where you need to be!.

I Love G4G They are Awsome
January 04,2011

I have purchased gold from these guys for over six months and I can honestly say that I have never had to wait more then 45 minutes (were talking 30k at once). There do it yourself profession is easy and fast. They are the best!!!!.

January 02,2011

the gold came fast i have bought from here before becuase there relieable.

January 02,2011

I buy quite a lot of gold from these guys and they have very compititive prices and brilliant delivery timescales and customer service second to none! thank you and happy new year guy4game :D.

December 31,2010

Delivery of 11k gold in less than 30 mins!.

December 31,2010

very fast and safe. trust me, i purchase a lot of gold from this guys. :).

December 30,2010

Got gold, very impressed with this site, Very nice sales person, and glad that i got the mail in person and not from the mail..

Shawn D
December 29,2010

great website fast relible and safe ive reccomended to all my friends thank you for being a legit site and very helpful.

dj von
December 29,2010

took my 3 1/2 hours to get my gold... safe and reliable... but took some time to get it.

December 28,2010

awsome service got gold in a hour . cheapest wow gold and best service around. also like bonuses for buying more gold. thanks.

December 28,2010

got gold within 20 minutes of purchase reliable awesome service.

Luka Clark
December 27,2010

Got gold within hour every time. Safe and reliable!.

Super Jerk
December 27,2010

Delivered the gold about 1 hour after purchase. On Dec 26th even. A+++++.

Viper D
December 26,2010

Excellent service got gold fast and the cheapest around thanks..

December 24,2010