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just wanna say this site is amazing i checked all the others this is the cheapest byt quite alot 100% trustworthy and u get the gold quick and face 2 face if you want to buy buy from here..

arthur Ackland
December 15,2010

Guy4Game.com is really safe, I started to look for the cheapest gold, i paid € 20 for 5K gold, today i look at the prices and i see you can get 11K gold for the same price! I bought my gold pretty many times here now, it's safe. If you don't trust it you can always get the online help to guide you. She'll see to it that the gold arrives. The delivery is amazing, i use online help and ask if the gold is available, always a yes uptill now :) I get the gold in like 15-30 mins after i paid! Good luck in-game and Have Fun with Guy4Game.com cheaps gold! Proved by SHIGATO!.

Pieter-Jan Geeroms
December 15,2010

you guys were awsome it didnt take that long for you guys to get me my gold like maybe 20 mins tops thats why i love buys wow gold form this website thanks alot and im planing on buying more later!!!!!.

shawn seiser
December 12,2010

Very fast delivery. Great customer service! A+++ Would recommend to any! Reasonable prices..

michael miller
December 11,2010

Being a complete noob to the game I did not even have enough gold to train with. Someone told me to ck out this site so I did. Very leary of giving out all the info they requested but they reassured me on the live chat. Now, with in 20 minutes they whispered me in game to meet them for the gold delivery BUT I had NO IDEA how to get to SW, or to Ironforge for that matter. These guy's / gal's had a toon actually COME to me & lead meby the hand to the bank via tram in IF so they could give me the gold!!! Now I ask u, how many would take the time & have that much understanding for a new person?? Not only have I returned but I tell everyone about this great site. Thanks again & Happy Holidays to you all..

December 11,2010

Quick delivery thnx guyz.

Nicolas Navarro
December 09,2010

very impressive service - quick delivery, good prices and customer care is very good. after a very bad experience with a Chinese outfit (including them having MY paypal account put on hold for THEM not delivering!!), this has proved very reliable - definitely recommend g4g :).

Si James
December 09,2010

I have used this great service twice now. Fast, courteous, safe! No game mailed gold and someone else checkes to see you got it after! I recommend Guy4Game.com to all. Customer service is top tier. I made a mistake in picking the server name. I realized it a few hours later. I contacted customer service and very quickly MY MISTAKE was corrected and the gold delivered in minuets!.

December 05,2010

I've used Randy Run for YEARS. Over the past year their service became more and more unreliable.. I decided to swear off gold buying after my last encounter with Randy Run after they took over a whole week to get me SOME of my gold. I then decided to pre-order Cataclysm through them and received some coupons for gold, I figured during the expansion they would have a surplus of gold. I was so very wrong. Once again it took over a week - still no gold, I canceled all my orders (including Cataclysm) and decided it's time to find someone new. This place is amazing!!!!!!!! They don't need your account information, so it's totally risk free! I was in game about 20 minutes after my purchase and received my first chunk of gold. I ordered 15,000 total and currently have received 9,000 of it in a couple of hours. But that's not all.. the communication is outstanding! After they trade with you a separate person messages you and confirms everything went alright - and then they even take the time to e-mail you and confirm their delivery. I'll never use Randy Run again. The prices here are way cheaper and everything is definitely more secure with no account sharing information (which is great because now a days Blizzard locks your account if someone logs with a different I.P and that just prolongs the hassle). The customer service is professional and reliable. Keep up the good work! You have a solid customer in me. Sincerely, Normando & Dominique.

December 05,2010

Recieved my gold within 20 minutes. Very impressed, will be back when i need more :D.

Patrick Attenborough
December 03,2010

the service is great and quick. When i used the city name as server location they corrected my mistake and i still had WOW Gold in less then 10 min at 10pm. Banks in the 'Real' world should be so efficient. LOL will continue to use Guy4game. Thank you.

P Boni
December 03,2010

Delivery was very fast, I will be buying from g4g again!.

Joshua Trimm
December 02,2010

Great service. Quick, reliable, and fantastic customer support. :).

December 02,2010

Ok honestly I was scared about trying this cause of all the stories of people losing their money on sites like this. But Honestly its so easy! Got my gold within 5 minutes of placing my order. I even read these and thought they probly just type these things up themselves. But nope real people, real site, real deal. Gotta try it, and their live on site 24 hour support best idea ever. :).

Ashley Hammond
December 02,2010

The delivery was fast, and secure. And good service as well..

dani bahar
November 29,2010

Guy4Game is the best! I got my order so lightning fast, I was just amazed! Their service is outstanding....ICHIBAN!!.

Reggie Matsuhara
November 28,2010

Ok I have been a customer for 3 months now and have bever had a problem I get my gold almost imediatly after I place my order and dont have to wait long at all, the People are friendly and considerate and profesional. I dont think I'll ever use a diffrent site Ever I would definatly suggest this site to any G Buyer out there. Jenj69.

Jennifer johnston
November 28,2010

Delivery in under 20min? Amazing service!.

November 25,2010

All perfect! Great service..

November 24,2010

Got the gold in a good amount of time... Very happy.

michael potts
November 22,2010