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I LOVE THIS SITE!@! i bought 3k gold a while ago, got it within a few minutes! i bought again and got 6k gold in less then a half hour, I WILL BUY AGAIN FOR SURE! Glad to never be poor in WoW again :D To everyone wondering if this site is safe.. YES IT IS!@ Very safe and very fast :D.

October 06,2010

You can trust this site !!! bought 3000gold super fast took only about 10 mins tops fair price plus cant beat 10% for free either .. still have my gold still have faith in internet buying..

October 04,2010

Purchased 10K gold the other day and it was delivered to me faster than the auction house. They stayed connect with me through their live chat the entire time to ensure that i received the gold. They helped me step by step through the process and never left me hanging. As soon as I receive my email from their raid manager with my questions I will be purchasing some other things. I recommend Guy4Game.com for your gold buying experience. Next week I will be buying more gold to ensure I have a good stockpile before the new expansion..

October 03,2010

I was a complete skeptic before I tried these guys... Live-Chat -> Gold availability check -> No quibble loyalty bonus -> Order processed -> Delivery = less than 10 minutes. Fantastic service! Recommend to anyone! A*********************.

October 01,2010

Ive ordered about 4 time so and they were done with in 30 minutes, they are great def a good place to buy gold thank you alot.

September 30,2010

I have used guy4game for DAoC several times, and now play WoW.. the choice was easy when I needed gold again.. Guy4Game have never disappointed, and they worry just as much about discretion as you do as a player. I will keep using them, you should too..

Monk EE
September 29,2010

Have been buying from guy4game.com now and i must say they are truly amazing!!! They are a great group of people that always deliver..

September 24,2010

I made a purchase today and 10 minutes later the gold was in my account. I never thought it would be so fast. Will definitely return if I need more gold..

Men of Mayhem
September 23,2010

I have been with Guy4Game for over 3 years now and I am always amazed at how quick and courteous they are. After I receive my gold I am always followed up by another CSR to guarantee smooth and accurate delivery. They have and always will be the #1 virtual game items/gold company. Thanks Guy4Game! I am seriously devoted to you!.

September 21,2010

The cheapest, friendliest, most efficient WoW gold service around! Look no further, after the first sale, you'll be a costumer for life!.

ben dover
September 16,2010

Very quick service.. Paid me 3 installments but i guess thats the safe way. Highly recommended.

September 13,2010

As soon I ordered Wow gold from guy4game, I was wondering if I could manage to be on the whole day waiting for my gold.After I ordered, I started playing and literally about 10 minutes later, an employee whispered me and delivered the gold.I was really surprised how fast it was.Another employee even whispered me to make sure everything was going okay with my purchase.guy4game is the first website I ever ordered gold from and it will definetely be THE only website I order golf from.Thankyou guy4game.

Satisfied Customer
September 12,2010

Quick as ever, best service ..

A Anonymity
September 10,2010

Yes, I love being rich. GKDP = You need a lot of money...Got my 6700gs yesterday thank you GUY4GAME!!.

Glades middle
August 31,2010

very fast delivery. fastest i ever seen. would definitely recommend to others and buy again.

August 31,2010

Hi i would just like to say that Guy4game.com is probably the best wow gold site i have bin to. They deliver the amount of gold you have ordered in hours of your order..

Zahir Ibrahim
August 31,2010

have bough gold quite few times and always waiting for too long. so now i was 'yeah right....7.5k gp in 6h? lolololololol' made the delivery and then after 5-10min max i had the money. best delivery ever definitely will buy again..

stelios k
August 31,2010

I wasn't sure about buying gold online like this, because I wasn't sure if it was safe but I tried it and it was great. They were really fast with getting me the money and very nice. I even went back and bought more from them and will continue to buy from them. Great prices too..

August 30,2010

I really do love gold.

Andy Noway
August 28,2010

Guy4game is great! second time I have bought from them and they are always smooth. THANKS!.

Zachary gabriel
August 24,2010