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After payment, it took about 20-30 minutes before I received my gold. Felt a bit rushed while I was flying back to the capitol city, but everything worked out! Thank you!.

July 07,2010

I was very hesitant to buy wow gold but the customer service rep I chatted with told me it would be safe so I went ahead-it was so easy the guy met me in game as soon as I got on and passed me the gold. As a matter of fact I am so happy that I am buying more gold today-Thanks Guyforgame.com.

July 07,2010

AMAZING SERVICE! They really were great, very cheap and was very satisfied. Thanks Guys!.

July 04,2010

bought gold x3 and boe items service was really great and fast..these guys,in addition to haveing great web site, are real professional business people.

June 27,2010

Amazing. Bought gold about 5 times, always received within the hour, always great service and support. Simply amazing..

Kevin Seoul
June 26,2010

Service was great, definitely know what they're doing, I'm coming back for sure, thanks guys..

Stefan Radovic
June 22,2010

WoW, i was surprised how easy this process would be! Before i bought gold i was worried about blizzard tracing this or, not being on when they delivered, or not the right amount, but after i bought sure enough they found me, when i was on, whispered to me that it was them, traded me, and went off, very polite!.

Josh Macatula
June 20,2010

I have used them twice now for gold and once for powerleveling and they have come through great for all products. No question in my mind I will be using them for all my products..

June 13,2010

Placed an order and it was totally completed within 15 minutes! Very pleased, and I will definitely be back. No problems, totally legit, great customer service. Don't get scammed, go with guy4game. Seriously. Awesome!.

June 10,2010

All I can say is WOW! When others promise fast service, forget it they are scrubs. Got my order in less then 10 minutes. Yes that is RIGHT, less then 10 minutes. This company rocks and they will get my business again and i will definitely tell my game friends the same. Why take a chance to get ripped off and I was worried about that myself. This was my first time and they made a believer out of me..

Kerry Boy***
June 05,2010

Yes, First time buying Gold anywhere. I was nervous with all the account hacking and so forth = ) got over that, got mine with-in 2hrs of logging. Fast, courteous and quick. No problems what so ever!.

Stephen W
May 29,2010

I never have trouble getting my gold on time. And in the full ammount~!~!~!~!.

Brendan Mix
May 29,2010

I was recommended these guys to buy gold. Placed order - received it 10 min later =D. great service!.

Very Satisfied
May 28,2010

After waiting over 12 hours still nothing. Contacted support twice and still nothing. The only thing this site has going for it is the quick refund..

May 25,2010

I was sketchy at first about getting gold from someone but I figured I bought the game and all the expansions from Guy4Game (w/o any problems) so why not the gold. And I have bought several times since then b/c they are just so fast and reliable. Thanks Guy4Game!.

May 22,2010

I got my gold in about 5 minutes. I just finished placing my order and logged in and the first thing that happened was I got my gold! AWESOME!!!! You guys are great! Great prices too! Thank You..

Pleased Customer
May 22,2010

As a first time buyer I was a little wary of where I was going to purchase gold from, after some research and suggestions, all signs pointed here. A great company, reasonable prices, absolutely stress free and got my gold quicker than I had expected. Definitely recommend these guys..

May 20,2010

awsome company have gotten account in the past year also much gold instant delivery will always use guy4game.

May 15,2010

The best customer service in the industry. I've made half a dozen purchases from this company, including an account purchase made over a year ago, which I still hold. Fast, competent service..

May 12,2010

Have purchased around 20K gold so far from these people. Very very good service. Instant delivery, and its all face to face, so Blizzard is not banning you because of gold through mail or however they do it. Their prices are pretty good, and they accept multiple payment options. 5 out of 5. Will purchase again and again..

Satisfied Buyer
May 09,2010