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The name of the site may seem sketchy, but I bought 50k the other day and the delivery is very fast! Got the Royal Satchel the next day in the mail for me. About to get more. :).

Aaron Villegas
February 24,2013

absolutely legit :) deff a great service i submitted my order and while working on a profession within a major city they invited me to a group and made the transaction took them 14 minutes from the time i submitted it to the time i received. will DEFF be back to make more purchases.

James Smith
February 22,2013

This site is legit, for the people that are doubting it. They got my gold pretty fast, even before the estimated time! I will defiantly be buying from them again!.

February 19,2013

Ordered 2mounts just to try them out......fast and as promised......great service and will def. oder more in the near future!!.

February 17,2013

I ordered 50000 I got the 16000 I'm waiting on the other 34000 and my Royal Satchel when will i be receiving this? its been 4 hours.... please tell me what going on?.

victor harrison
February 17,2013

im waiting still iv been waiting for 3 hours... i paid for 20000gold im still waiting....

collin kreis
February 15,2013

its legit..

drew j
February 10,2013

still havent completed my order its bee 1 hr since ive talked to them and when i join live chat it says Sorry, the live chat was unexpectedly disconnected caused by network problem. Please get back by clicking Live Chat again..

February 10,2013

very fast and easy amazing..

Torin Barrett
February 08,2013

Not going to lie, I am a little scared of not getting my gold and giving my CC to google. I do however, love CHAT. They are friendly and look into things for me. Even though, it is supposed to be 30 mins wait for gold, I have been stuck for 1.5 hours.........

February 08,2013

just checking out the site :).

February 08,2013

just testing if the testomonials are legit. will probably buy from here tho :).

February 08,2013

You might find gold cheaper some places but guy4game offers a really professional service IF YOU NEED SOMETHING BUY FROM THOSE GUYS THEY ARE AWESOM!! :D -grifinger.

grifinger grifinger
February 08,2013

Test :D Nah jk, this site is legit.

Hurr Durr
February 06,2013

Very good service, contacted by chat quick and helpful. Delivery as promised and in only 30 min. I will use this site again..

February 05,2013

trying to make sure this is legit......if i am scammed i will do whatever i can to bring this site down.....if not i will post another positive review! heres hoping!.

julius montblanc
February 05,2013

I love this service, so fast and reliable, and they always have plenty of stock on hand which makes it great! I also love the 10% coupons i sometimes get! Wouldn't buy wow gold anywhere else!!.

February 05,2013

I have bought over 100k gold from these guys. 20k my first time, which was instant delivery, and 80k the second time. Now, I got the 80k in smaller sums because they were out. I got 60k, then 5 mins later i got 14k. They didnt Have the other 6k on stock, for over an hour so they upped it too 7k. After waiting another 4 hours they upped another 1.5k and delivered as I expected. 2.5k more than I paid for, just because I had to wait, and I was very calm and cool with the reps, who are very helpful. My brother also uses these guys every 2 weeks to buy about, 20-40k. They are legit, although it seems alliance side for frostwolf server is always busy, they will deliver. Customer Service - 10 Prices - 9 100% legit for sure. - Missfreeze, ally on frostwolf..

February 04,2013

I got 10k gold within 10 seconds of ordering..

Jesse Taylor
February 03,2013

Cheap, fast, and they get you what you need. Customer support is also very fast and responsive. Thanks G4G..

Brenden C
February 03,2013