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Yo thx it helped out alot......

Meth osadk
January 31,2011

Fast and essy delivery.

Patrice Cullen
January 30,2011

Excellent transaction 30k in under 15 min. Thank you..

January 29,2011

Extremely good service, received gold mere minutes after it was made. 100% safe and reliable. Wouldn't shop anywhere else..

January 26,2011

Just bought gold from you guys, its only my first time and I was told that buying gold is very dodgy but I was also told that guy4game is a really good gold seller so I came here. I haven't really checked around but I think the prices for the gold are really good for the service I recieved! While in game I was starting to panic within the first 5 minutes that I just lost my money and then just minutes later I was invited into a group and I went to the guy and boom he opened trade with me and gave me my gold! I was soooo happy and in reality it was SUPER fast compared to how it felt waiting thinking I was robbed :). The guy that gave me the gold was really polite. Thanks :D.

January 24,2011

First experience with this, after a morning of research. My gold was delivered quickly and securely. Customer service was 24/7 and right on point. I will not use any other service. If you are new like I am you can trust them, and their communication skills are excellent. Just a note though, please make sure your character is waiting for them, usually in the OG bank, valley of strength. I had problems the first time and should I have known it would have went even smoother. Two thumbs up and thanks guy4game you rock!.

January 24,2011

I had ordered 5,000 Gold, fifteen minutes later I have it. This site is the fastest, safest, and cheapest i've seen. There's no ' free' way to get gold, but if your looking for fast gold, this IS the right place..

January 24,2011

hey i have bought over 40k gold with this company and i must say this is filled with the most professional and helpful people i have ever had to interact with, great job guys keep it up!.

jimmy h
January 23,2011

Called and inquired if had $20K in WOW gold and told yes with a 30 min delevery time, made purchase and got it in 10 minutes. Turned around and asked if they had another $20k for my alt and told 15 minures. Made purchase and got the gold in 3 sepreate drops over a 15 minute span. I've purchased off them 4 times now and each time they been right on. Highly recommend and will come back..

Eric arnold
January 22,2011

Honestly? I'll admit, I had my doubts about using the service - I've been away from the game for about 2 and a half years, so coming back was difficult. Everything's more expensive now than it was in the BC-days, and since I'm a dad now I don't have time to endlessly grind for cash like I did before. Enter guy4game - did my research online, liked what I saw, placed an order to check the service, and was extremely pleased with what I got. Within 5 minutes of my order placed, I had met with 2 separate (and helpful) employees and received the gold I paid for. No hassle, no fuss. Very happy with the service I received here. Will possibly try their gear service next - gotta grind to 85 first. Thanks again!.

Anon Eemous
January 22,2011

I was really skeptical about this kind of stuff. You know the whole gold buying business. I purchased from them today and my heart was racing out of fear I was scammed, but when I was invited to a group my heart was relieved to find out that they were legit. These types of ordeals are hard to believe, but Guy 4 Game is legit!.

Riley Strike
January 21,2011

Great service! I placed the order and had my gold in 10 minutes. Nobody is on par with you all!! You are definitely the best and I will come back. Thank you very much!!.

Geoff Conklin
January 21,2011

Really good service. Got my delivery 2 minutes after i posted my order. Love these guys.

January 19,2011

Good Good much need thx.

akumayo perez
January 18,2011

Best service out there, 2nd time I've purchased gold from them. First time was 5k gold delivered in 20 minutes, 2nd time 10k gold delivered in about 3 minutes. Would never use anyone else..

January 16,2011

Guy4Game rocks! Great prices and prompt delivery. Bought the game from them too. Great service and I will always be a loyal customer..

Jack Black
January 16,2011

I have used these guys twice for WOW Gold, and I have always received my gold within a half an hour, their prices aren't the cheapest, but for the service and trust I would give these guys the best rating out there. Never had any problems, and always swift delivery IN FULL, not split between multiple players! They have made me a lifetime customer..

January 14,2011

NEVER had any problems with this site, delivery has always been quick and prices are amazing compared to other sites. Guess that's why i keep coming back and won't go anywhere else..

Matt Ryon
January 14,2011

Hello all, ive bought gold from guy4game and i must say this is the best thign ever usually i dont buy gold but i made a research to see which sites are legit they ive compared prices with other sites and this one seemed the best after ive purchased the gold less then 10 mins they contacted me in the game then we meet in SW. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER LOL. Thank you.

January 13,2011

gold my gold within 15 mins after purchasing it on his website! Super fast! will be back for more!! Thank you guys!.

January 12,2011