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This is my first time to buy gold and I was VERY leery of the whole thing. I think we all know the spammers that pop up in trade and that whole shady business. This site is NOT like that! The whole thing took about 20 minutes and I had great live customer support the whole time. I am beyond pleased with everything! FYI: I was told, when I asked about future purchases, to message live support first and they will be getting in gear while I make my purchase. Will help cut down the wait time. I will definitely be coming back here again! Thanks for a great first experience! :).

Annie C
December 11,2011

Guy4Game.com is fast and reliable, I never had a problem with them. They are polite and they have great prices. I get all my gold with in 1 hour, I give them a 5 out of 5..

Garett Mason
December 09,2011

Wow, so iv been to many different gold buying sites all promising quick and professional delivery. for instance on one occasion i even waited 9 and a half hours for there so called super quick delivery system. But not with this site. This time I only waited about (ur gonna love this) 8min for the transfer of a quite large amount of gold. Absolutely amazing delivery time. this site sets the bar on what a Wow gold buying site should be. I well definitely be returning to purchase gold from this site in the very near future and i will definitely be referring all my friends to this site for all their gold buying needs..

Donnie S.
December 08,2011

Guy4game.com was my first provider of WoW gold. All I have to say is that they will continue to be my provider so long as they have gold to give. Customer Service is hands down 5/5.

Brett B
December 07,2011

always buy gold from them , this is my 4 time, and i love the service,always fast and secure , try it its worthy ;).

December 06,2011

I have been using another service for years now, so when i found out about Guys4Games, I was naturally sceptical, and a little worried to be honest. I was pleased when I received my order in less than 20 mins. This is now my website of choice. I am an avid player and will return very soon. Thank you!!.

December 05,2011

Well I've ordered from other site before so from past experience I was expecting at least two to three hours for my delivery. Well that was not the case, they had my from the time I ordered until the full amount was delivered it was close to twenty minutes. Awesome service and great prices I will come back. Keep up the good work!.

December 05,2011

I've been coming to this site for about 2 months now, and every time I buy gold I get fantastic service! 5/5 stars keep up the good work..

December 04,2011

This service is Great! If you haven't tried Guy4game.com, you need too. I have been getting gold for my wow account since late 2010 and i have had no problems. I am not a bot or a salesperson. I am a loyal customer who loves Guy4game.com! They deliver gold to your realm quick and it's very simple but when i say they deliver gold quick i mean it is really fast for sure LOL. Give it a try and i promise you will love it. As for you worrying about your account or anything, trust me they will not do anything to your account. They are 110% trustworthy!.

michael miller
December 04,2011

I love WOW, but I'm newish to it and over-employed anyway. I want to play rather than spend days farming. I checked a site that rates gold sellers and Guy4Game came up not only legit, but highly recommended. I must say I had they had my order within 5 minutes of ordering - only I was halfway around the WOW universe and then couldn't find my partner. (my fault, btw) Everybody was cool and helped me a ton. I'll definitely be using them again, next time to level engineering. I can finally enjoy content instead of wasting DAYS farming - THIS is the best gold strategy, PERIOD. Enjoying actually PLAYING the game; what a concept..

December 04,2011

Took all of half an hour and I had my gold! thx guys!.

Daniel Rettger
December 02,2011

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I ordered gold, got exactly what I ordered and FAST, less than 15 mins! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Will definitely be back!!!!.

Shawn Olson
December 02,2011

OK!! they did it again, i purchased 77,000 in gold this morning and i kid you not; from time of purchase to receiving my gold in game. Total time was around 120 SECONDS, you guy's rock!!.

December 01,2011

First time ordered gold, they contacted me in 15 min and got half of the money, and after an hour i got rest! thank you.

December 01,2011

I just purchased 22,000 gold from Guy4Game, i was very nervous at first about the security and account theft. I found out first hand that my fears were unfounded; these guy's are great,fast and the live chat is fantastic. If you need gold and don't want to spend half your toon's life earning it in game then this is the only way to go. I WILL buy from them again and tell my friends. TOP NOTCH SERVICE:) Five STARS!!!.

November 30,2011

thanks Guyy4game, ive purchased items and gold a few times over the years and must say im very satisfied, my order today of 40k gold was delivered in game within a few minuites of logging on after putting the order in 5 minuites before, great and a safe service, thankyou.

November 30,2011

I would just like to say I've used this site to buy gold 5+ times now, for varying amounts, highest of 30k, and have never had a single problem with them. 5 stars, excellent..

November 30,2011

Both of my gold purchases were considerable, and both were filled within 5 minutes of purchase. Awesome..

November 28,2011

Best Prices, Fast delivery. got the gold within 1 hour.

matthew enloe
November 27,2011

Ordered 5k gold, got it within 30 mins, quality service 10/10. Also ordered some from a different site on the 22nd, and that still hasn't arrived (27th).. deffo use this site if you want almost instant gold and reliable and quality service. I'm deffo gonna purchase more in the future..

November 27,2011