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Was having a doubt when i try this website and to my surprise i would recommend this website to anyone who want to buy gold a thumb up from me a trusted website to buy gold from.Bought 30 000 and was deliver a few hours later when i log in.

March 31,2011

Fast Delivery and Excellent customer service... Pleasure to do business with Highly Recommended!!!.

March 31,2011

Uber service great communication speedy delivery.

Peter Shield
March 31,2011

Best website ever! Awesome Customer Service! Got my gold in less than 10 minutes! Thank you..

March 26,2011

Bought 5k gold, got a whisper in 5 minutes. Got the gold in less than a minute after that. Very satisfied, and plan to purchase again soon..

March 25,2011

English: This site is super!!!!!! Français: Ce site est vraiment génial niveau sécurité + rapidité omg ! go go go.

Lucas Pruvost
March 24,2011

Thanks fellas :) good site.

Charles Taylor
March 23,2011

After buying, I didn't receive the 5k in the 6 hour time, but they gave me the 25% more making it a total of almost 7k so it was totally worth it. Very recommended.

March 23,2011

Great site, really good. Fast and I used the online chat to check the gold available on my server. I can recommend this site to everyone. One more thing i would like to see on this site is, a FAQ that explains more about how this works for newbies. And maybe a online gold checker for each server, if thats possible..

Carsten Hansen
March 22,2011

Definitely the best WoW gold buying site I've been on. Super quick, super easy, and absolutely no troubles during the trade. I barely had time to log onto my account and I had a whisper. Been to K4gold and other such website, this is by far the best out of them all, if you have any doubts against this site don't, it's cheaper than most sites and I can garentee a return, this is my 3rd time purchasing and I'm as happy as I was the first time :).

Richard Snow
March 21,2011

awesome site so accurate highly recommended will get some more soon thanks again more power to you guys.

March 20,2011

gr8 sight will defintly buy from again.

Andrew Parkinson
March 17,2011

Iv bought gold squite a few times and 2 rocket mounts. I must say that I am extremely satisfied with their services. I received the gold within 2-3 mins after purchasing it!! Thanks soo much guy4game! you guys sooo awesome!.

March 16,2011

Simply amazing, the chat was especially helpful in making sure I wasn't to give my gold to anyone. Quick, efficient, I won't be afraid to order gold anymore because of how amazing this site is! Guy4game ftw!.

March 16,2011

The most professionally organised service when it comes to gold trading. I was especially happy with the selection of payment options available and that I wasn't forced to use just one service to acquire my product. Fast delivery too!.

Thomas Hopkins
March 11,2011

I bought 80k gold from them. Very fast and good service! highly recommended :D.

Michael Johansen
March 10,2011


Bill Liu
March 10,2011

Well done guys,your the best now on my favorite bar if and when i need more gold.

March 08,2011

i was looking for a long time to find a amazing website like this they are really good and quick delivery all my orders were given with 30minutes it is also suprisinly cheap i was expecting it to cost a lot more..

thomas abuseedo
March 05,2011

I bought 5k and they delivered in 15 minutes. I just made another purchase and everything is going well. Strongly recommended!!!! Thank you for your fast and great service!!!.

Thiago Lira
March 04,2011