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a job well done. gave me an extra 3k because it took 5 days. however my order was not small. never once did they lie or not answer my impatient questions of when!lol. customer service: great..

drakemond freuck
June 13,2011

Wonderful service, 4.5/5! I told my main char and my alt, so they could get the gold to me whomever i was on. Within a few minutes i had a whisper to go to Stormwind bank. I had to fly from uldum, but they were patient. I love everything except for it is a tiny bit pricy. Thank you Guy4Game!.

June 12,2011

Awesome site, ordered my gold & 15 minutes later I received it in game!!! I will definitely use them again!!! Thanks guys!.

June 10,2011

Amazing delivery time. I've never had service like this before. Top marks A++++.

Will Gambit
June 10,2011

Made an order, and within 30 minutes I received a tell in-game telling me to go to Orgrimmar bank, and bam, trade window opened and the gold was mine. Excellent service..

June 07,2011

Excellent service, highly recommended. Received my order within a few minutes..

June 07,2011

yes we got the gold.. :) thanks.

monica flemk
June 04,2011

Great service, purchased gold and got it within 10 minutes! Will use again..

John H
June 04,2011

Guy4game happens to be a wonderful bunch of people able to get the job done! great service.

June 03,2011

Very Fast and Safe been a customer here for about 6 months and not 1 problem! these work really hard to make sure your server is fully supplied! I recommend this site to anyone looking for fast and safe gold purchases.

June 03,2011

Hahah, Didn't think it would actually work but works fine! :) Under 15minutes. Just go to the Live Chat and the person will walk you through in obtaining your gold. I give this service a 5/5* haha.

justin k
June 01,2011

ordered gold thinking it would take an hour or so but i was contacted within 6 minutes, delivery was flawless and i was on my way. highly recommend this site.

tyler v
May 27,2011

Very fast delivery on a large order, the majority of it was delivered within thirty minutes and a small remaining amount was delivered early the next day. It was a solid experience without issue, and I'll definitely be making all my future gold purchases here..

May 26,2011

Decent, i ordered the night before and they didnt have any on the server. They gave it to me the next day with 2500, so i guess it payed off the time i waited which was about 15 hours since it was overnight. They didn't rip me off, and so far i havnt noticed a ban sent to my account..

May 24,2011

they all did a good job, will try in the future. thanks.

May 24,2011

don't listen they cheated me with my gold and got me banned from wow. this site is a fraud. get your gold somewhere else.

josh waters
May 22,2011

just amazing service. fast and no bullshit. no "sorry we am has out of stock at now" crap. i chose, paid, hopped on the chat, and they had my gold to me in 10 mins. and the chat was very painless and prompt too. well, well, well worth the extra few bucks. at least they actually GIVE you what you ordered. i will be coming back definitely..

May 22,2011

Legit shit, thanks for the 10k gold..

Joe Johnson
May 17,2011

Baught gold around a week ago, got it within 20 mins! will be usein G4G alot more!.

Jordan Ritchie
May 17,2011

Ordered 40+(4k) gold. within 20 minutes i recieved 19k. Guyforgame informed me they had to restock on my realm and over the next day kept giving me gold until my order was complete.(I was logged out for period of about 10 hours) Due to the time it took they gave me an extra 2.5k also. Great service, no bullshit. I'd come back if i needed more :).

May 15,2011