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Decent, i ordered the night before and they didnt have any on the server. They gave it to me the next day with 2500, so i guess it payed off the time i waited which was about 15 hours since it was overnight. They didn't rip me off, and so far i havnt noticed a ban sent to my account..

May 24,2011

they all did a good job, will try in the future. thanks.

May 24,2011

don't listen they cheated me with my gold and got me banned from wow. this site is a fraud. get your gold somewhere else.

josh waters
May 22,2011

just amazing service. fast and no bullshit. no "sorry we am has out of stock at now" crap. i chose, paid, hopped on the chat, and they had my gold to me in 10 mins. and the chat was very painless and prompt too. well, well, well worth the extra few bucks. at least they actually GIVE you what you ordered. i will be coming back definitely..

May 22,2011

Legit shit, thanks for the 10k gold..

Joe Johnson
May 17,2011

Baught gold around a week ago, got it within 20 mins! will be usein G4G alot more!.

Jordan Ritchie
May 17,2011

Ordered 40+(4k) gold. within 20 minutes i recieved 19k. Guyforgame informed me they had to restock on my realm and over the next day kept giving me gold until my order was complete.(I was logged out for period of about 10 hours) Due to the time it took they gave me an extra 2.5k also. Great service, no bullshit. I'd come back if i needed more :).

May 15,2011

I've spent thousands of dollars on WoW gold and accounts from Guy4Game over the last couple of years. These guys never fail to leave me happy and have great and flexible customer service..

May 14,2011

Extremely fast and co-operative service, i was planning on buying gold and i knew this site was trustworthy, i asked service how long would delivery take he said within 15-20 minutes they'd deliver, it took 12 minutes and the delay was on my part getting to stormwind but whatever. Overall very helpful & they clarify what they want to say to stop you from getting scammed in case anyone "represented" them..

Jay M
May 14,2011

Guy4game is legit thats all i can say. Legit.

Britt Kazan
May 13,2011

This site is amazing, its like an addiction, ive already droped over $75 bucks but I keep coming back, there customer service is amazing, there all proffesional and get right down to it. The deliverey is face to face and very secure. I wouldnt go to ANY OTHER site to buy gold, KEEP GOING STRONG GUY 4 GAME! yall kick ass! please note this is a real person who is saying this, I am not affiliated with guy 4 game AT ALL, I just buy there gold :D.

tyler lacefield
May 11,2011

The service is GREAT! I've purchased golds about 5-6 times already, fast delivery!!! Although having a gold indicator on each server would be a niffty idea, therefor I would know if there's gold in stock :P.

May 11,2011

Worked great . Wasn't sure about it at first but I'm glad I try'd this service. Thanx Again.

May 08,2011

This was AWESOME.

William Lynch
May 04,2011

Ordered 50k gold and it came in less then 10min. I was alittle worry since this is my first time but everything went really well. Will Buy more wow gold Soon thanks guy4game.

May 04,2011

Couldnt be happier, 3 minutes and transaction was done, my account security has remained secure and i will most definately use again. USE GUY4GAME!.

Liam Vorsen
April 30,2011

I have bought gold on multiple occasions from many sites. None of them have compared to the quality service and professionalism that I have received from guy4game. Many of the other sites consistently bug you after you purchase gold, but Guy4Game is professional, fast, and hassle-free I highly recommend purchasing from them and I will continue to do business with them. Thanks for offering a safe and secure WoW gold-buying experience!.

April 29,2011

I wasn't sure about purchasing gold from a website as i havnt done it before, but i shall definatly use this service again. I recieved the Gold within about 30 minutes. Great service Friendly staff very perfessional. A* Thanks Very Much !!.

April 29,2011

I have used this service several times. Each time I have gotten the gold in less than 10 minutes. I will use this amazing service again! :).

John Gilbert
April 27,2011

Very Pleased. Transaction was very easy. Got half in less than ten minutes and the rest the next day. They stayed in comtact with me for the entire transaction keeping me informed of the status. I will use again. Thank you..

April 22,2011