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at first i was little scared to be buying gold But after a few purchases i decided to go a step further and try Challenge mode gold and Greenfire quest for my lock and both were done in a timely manner..

August 10,2014

Used this before. Had good service from them. Just used them again last night for gold and the lady on the live chat service told me that my gold would'nt be ready for 24 hours. I said OK i'm fine with that. The next thing I know 30 min later I am getting a PM in game to come get my order. Fantastic service every time I have used them. I will be back again. Josh.

Keeper XII
August 08,2014

I was really worried that I might be scammed, but this site is legit!! :D Got my gold fast, without problems..

Madeline Heule
August 06,2014

This site is awesome! So are the customer service people. I've bought gold from them a couple of times with no problems. If you wanna do face to face trade they will accommodate. I only do face to face trade. No real reason why, I just like it that way. If they can't deliver in the method you prefer they will work with you to find some other way to get you gold. They won't just mail it to you without your consent. The amount that I purchase isn't always available, but they don't mind keeping me posted. They also don't mind if I log in to their chat to find out the status of my order. Polite and professional is what I've experienced from this site. Oh!, and the mounts too! So much good stuff. I think I'm rambling now. Any who, I would not buy from another site. Gold here is the cheapest and so are the other items they offer. =).

Jammie Lightfuss
August 04,2014

Well , its the first time i buy gold from any site , i was scared cuz all the scammers out there ,....... i bought 10 K at first , they delivered in like 30 min , then i bought 30 K more .... 30 mins later i had the gold ... wel then i was like " FUCK YEAH THIS SHIT IS FOR REAL" , then i bought 60 k more and like 20 mins i had the gold again..... in other words , Guy4Game is aweosme..

German Escsobedo
August 03,2014

Just got my gold very satisfied, Thanks alot Guy4game :D :D :DC:D: D: D: : :D: D: :D: :D: D:.

Bryce Gilroy
July 24,2014

Have used guy4game several times in the past, I wouldn't go to anyone else for these services due to the fact that guy4game stands behind what they sell and will work with you on just about anything you need, I have bought 30,000 in game gold for wow for a fair price compared to other websites. I have done the transaction through the auction house and guy4game had bought my item from the AH within 15 minuets of placing the item...guy4game is by far the quickest, safest (for both game account and credit card information), and most helpful. I will absolutely be returning again without a second thought. Keep it up guy4game!!!.

July 24,2014

Bought a rather large amount of WoW gold from here & immediately opened a live-chat session to clear up some questions and calm some nerves. The representative helping me, Bella, was quick to respond & very understanding. I simply wanted to know the procedures & how to track my order, as it was quite large & I assumed I'd be tracking it's status over a long period of time. I was surprised that despite it's size, they'd have it ready within a few hours - far faster than I had anticipated. Not only that, but Bella added an additional 1,000g for the "delay". Again, a very understanding staff willing to personalize the process & make it work best for us, the buyers. Very, very pleasantly surprised with this process, and although I hope I don't need to buy WoW gold again, this would definitely be the site. A+.

60 twink buying gold for t3
July 24,2014

quick, easy, reliable, not much more to say the best in the business, hands down.

July 18,2014

Great customer service with live chat and fast delivery. They make sure that you get your gold, and in time. Thank you!.

July 14,2014

Service Was Great! was hesitant because bought gold from a previous site and was totally ripped off. Took them 3 hours to deliver 30k gold and the customer service rep "becky" in the chat hooked up with an extra 1k in gold for the slight delay. Very Satisfied with this site! will be using again. WoW Horde-darkspear server.

charles w
July 13,2014

Definitely a great 5 star site for buying gold. I paid for 20.000 and got my gold delivered in literally 15 minutes. great site for sure.

Blake Moore
July 12,2014

I received my gold very fast and with all honors thanks to Guy4Game.com i definitely recommend them for your fast and 100% safe WoW gold..

n/a n/a
July 11,2014

I received my order within 17 minutes, and was able to receive it via trade, rather than wait an extra 15+ minutes to receive it in the mail! Great prices, great service, incredible delivery time! 5/5 stars!.

Oliver Krstic
July 11,2014

I ordered from a competitive WOWgold buying site as a first purchase, but switched to Guy4Game once I had my first order delivered. They were extremely professional in their service and I only waited a couple of hours for the first order to come through to my character. Since then I have ordered multiple times from them. My only criticism is the service can slow at times, HOWEVER, whenever the service is slower than usual, a quick talk with their amicable customer service team and I get all the information I need on the status of my order. Most recently my order took a little longer than usual and I was offered more gold ON TOP of the bonus gold you receive from this site at no extra cost to me as a compensation for my wait time! Great value, excellent customer service and from now on I'll be coming here for my gold purchasing! 4.5/5.

July 10,2014

They are legit and very professional, I usually get the gold within 24-48 hours usually quicker on the weekends. If youre reading this and think its one of them just know its not (BOOTY SWEAT...what employee would type that in a review) bottom line buy from them they are too legit to quit.

Parnell Jones
July 10,2014

Just purchased some SWTOR credits, and was greatly happy with the customer service suppport i received from the website. Just waiting on my SWTOR credits to arrive, and hopefully soon :D 5/5.

July 08,2014

Spoke to Beth about my purchase as to why the gold wasnt sent to my ingame mail yet, and didnt resolve any of my issues, spoke to Kelly and she happily solved my issues with proffesionalism and respect and treated me how I was supposed to be treated, gold was out of stock on my server so I am waiting 6-24 hours for my 10,000 gold to be sent to my mailbox, will write another one when I do get my gold :) 8/10.

July 08,2014

I love Guy4Game! Usually takes me 10-20 minutes to receive my gold! I bought about 200$ worth of RuneScape 3 gold, And about 100$ worth of WoW Gold! And it hasn't been disappointing. You can add me ingame on both WoW and RuneScape, And I can actually give you the testimony! RS3 Name: Virtus Bewts. WoW Name: Deathtoenemy on Twilight's Hammer Horde!.

Monir Al-Taher
July 07,2014

I spoke with Mickey to be present via chat while I checked over the website, and considered purchasing gold. Mickey stayed with me during the entire process, and was very kind. I was contacted via in-game within 30 minutes. After about an hour and a half, I was feeling a little worried, and I contacted Guy4Game via chat, where I spoke with Panda. Panda was very sweet, and addressed my concerns. I know there are so many places to "buy" gold from, but listen, check with these folks first before placing an order, make sure gold is available for your server, ask what the wait time is, and just be nice. Being nice goes a long way, and I know they appreciate the business as much as you will when you give it a try. Thanks again, folks at Guy4Game! I will be back!.

Dylan C
July 05,2014