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No joke, this is the only site I trust for gold/toons. I'm a lazy dude with a good job and prefer to work a couple hours of OT and buy gold instead of farming for endless days. Highly recommend g4g to friends and everyone who has used them has sang the same praises. Keep it up!.

September 26,2009

Always Fast, Always Truthful, Always Amazing. ™.

Josh Savage
September 25,2009

Fast, Reliable, Awesome Customer Service. What more could you really ask for? 5 Stars to me..

rich h
September 24,2009

Wow, this is great! I purchased a lower amount just to try out the service, and you can bet I will be doing it again as I need to. Service was super fast, and same day! I placed my order later in the day, and they STILL delivered in no time! I highly recommend this to anyone working on expensive professions! THANK YOU WoW Gold!.

Pam A
September 21,2009

I'd like to say I was very pleased with the service. In my initial filling out of my order, I input the wrong online time so i decided to get on the chat support system and correct the mistake. Instead, they went ahead and gave me my gold absolutely instantly. I received every bit of it at once and the service was not only honorable and honest, but quick and polite. I recommend this web site for buying WoW gold. Regards, Josh.

Josh Clements
September 19,2009

Hey, let me tell you guys, at first I had second thoughts about buying gold, but this site REALLY delivers it's promise! The gold will come to you quickly and efficiently. Just make sure you ask customer services if there is gold in stock on your server first :) Oh and customer service is brilliant :P.

September 16,2009

quick transaction!.

Nobody's Business
September 13,2009

You guys were so fast an awesome, I'm seriously telling friends about you guys.Your English is great, your employees are nice, it was perfect.I will ALWAYS choose your website.

Harjeet snyder
August 05,2009

Brilliant, Reliable, fast and cheap, the best around..

Filipe hawkins
August 02,2009

Thank you again very much for the wonderful customer service..

james Robinson
July 27,2009

Went to the site, unsure of how my experience would be from reading SOME reviews, bought an order of 7500g gold [With the 10% extra bringing it up], paid for it on my card directly on the site (that was a big bonus for me) and had my order processed within minutes of doing it. Got onto the live chat (that took around 5 minutes) and spoke to a person, just asking where I'd meet and arranging a time, asking for a face to face trade that is too. I got my answers rapidly with the trader ready to trade with me over 30 minutes before the time i'd specified, bearing in mind I was asking to have the gold in exactly an hour from the order, I thought this was pretty amazing and I stayed in conversation with the livechat person until from when I ordered until the deal was done. I'd rate this as a brilliant experience, and as my first time buying gold, I'd say it went PERFECTLY..

tabitha Hartle
July 25,2009

Fantastic. You guys rock. Thanks for the expediant service. I'll be back to take advantage of your leveling services. Keep up the effort, fellas..

Bradley smart
July 22,2009

Guy4Game has one of the quickest delivery systems for small and large orders alike..

Marco Haug
July 14,2009

Thank you! I got my order withing the day I placed my order, you guys are amazing! I'll definantly be shopping with you guys more often and reccomend you guys to my friends! You analyzed everything so perfectly! Thank you sooooooo much!! Much love to you guys!.

Rodney sheets
July 14,2009

" would like to thank you for the wonderful business experience. When conducting this type of business transaction, it can make you very uneasy. You were prompt, courteous, and an overall wonderful experience.".

steven schaming
July 08,2009

would like to thank you for the wonderful business experience. When conducting this type of business transaction, it can make you very uneasy. You were prompt, courteous, and an overall wonderful experience..

Navarre Hawkins
July 08,2009

Serously u guys have exelent service very fast and very nice customer service :].

jim Skolt
June 13,2009

I would just like to let you know that even though it has taken a while to fill my order I am very impressed with your customer service. you are open, honest, communicative and friendly. I feel that I am getting a good value here. Thank you Keep it up and you will reign supreme in the gold for dollars world. thanks again.

James Heidelbach
June 10,2009

I just want to commend you and your company. I have bought gold in the past and had terrible experiences. It was a nightmare to get my gold but I was very pleased with this transaction as you responded quickly and made the trade very very fast. Great job. You will continue to get my business..

Shaun Salem
June 09,2009

ought 2 times of em & didnt have any problem they delivered within hours of the transfer..

Gerrard hason
June 07,2009