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Gear Order Time Schedule:

December 1st- December 6th 8:30am to 5:00pm CTT


Date  Alliance Faction Horde Faction 
2010-12-1 ICC(10)/ICC(25) ICC(10)
2010-12-2 ICC(10) ICC(10)/ICC(25)
2010-12-3 ICC(10)/ICC(25) ICC(10)
2010-12-4 ICC(25)
2010-12-5 RS(25)/TOTC(25) RS(25)/TOTC(25)
2010-12-6 ICC(25)

Please note:

  • Because of the differences in our network, the start time may be plus or minus 24 hours. We assure the status will be updated via email within 12 hours of being finished.
  • Please do not log in game as soon as we finish the raid for security purposes.
  • This schedule will be updated every Tuesday.
  • Daily Quest (5 Man Heroic) will only work on T9 set orders as it provides Emblems of Triumph.