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Top questions about Gear

Q: I need a gear, but I didn't find it on your website. What should I do?
A: We dedicate to provide service as long as customer needs. We have a customize zone which can meet customer's special requirement. Please click customize zone to enter.

Q: I noticed you sell BOE gear as well, what's the difference with BOP gear?
A: BOE means Binds when equipped. We don't need to log in your account but just mail the item to your via in game mail box within 24 hours after you purchased.

Q: How do I know the gear you sell is Heroic or Normal gear?
A: As on the picture shows, the green "H" means the gear is heroic gear.

Q: How should I know if you can start my order instantly or waiting in queue?
A: Currently you couldn't check the gear queue by yourself since our order checking system is still being developed. Please click our live chat to check with our sales representative.