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Powerleveling security

At guy4game, we take safeguarding your personal information very seriously. All the levelers are professional player and we never use any form of BOT or involved in any exploiting behavior. We developed strict policies to guarantee our customer's privacy. The only person can access your log in information is our leveling expert who has been professionally trained and will never talk with other game characters during leveling. Once the powerleveling is completed, we will email you immediately.

If you receive email from Blizzard asking your registered info, please double check the email content to analyze if it's a spoof email.

    This term refers to an email or a website which poses as an official Blizzard Entertainment communication or site, but which is really just a trick to get unsuspecting users to send their account information to someone who should not have it. If account information is sent to one of these "spoofs," it usually winds up in a thief's database list of accounts to compromise or steal.
  • How to identify a spoof site or email
    * It asks for the account name AND PASSWORD. Blizzard will NEVER ask you for your password.
    * It comes from an email address which is NOT an official Blizzard.com address, but may look similar.
    * Often, these spoofs promise you will be banned if you do not provide the information demanded.
    * Links do not go to an official Blizzard Entertainment domain. Often, hyperlinks can look like they lead to official sites at first glance, but you can wind up somewhere unexpected when you click them.