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How to Solve Problems

When damage occurs, please follow the steps as below to solve it:
  1. Please notify us via live chat, email or MSN once damage occurs.
  2. Usually we need your cooperation to find out the real reason which causes damage. If damage is caused by us, please move forward to the next step.
  3. Our resolution centre will view this case, estimate the loss and make a final decision on this issue within 2-3 days. If the damage is light, we will choose a partial or full refund to solve this problem, otherwise we will offer extra compensation to fix it.
    Guy4game make promises to all our customers cordially: If any damage which is caused by our Powerleveling Centre occurs on our customer' s accounts, we will take full responsibility of it, and we may offer top USD200.00 compensation to each order according to different cases.
We will not offer any compensation to an order under some special conditions as below:
  1. No claim or dispute is submitted to us within 24 hours after we finish the Powerleveling service and send email to notify our customer.
  2. No evidence is available to prove that this damage is caused by our Powerleveling Centre.
  3. No claim or reply has been received since the damage happens for 15 days.
  4. A coupon is used to pay for it.