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Top Questions about Powerleveling:

Q: I am interested in getting a weapon but wanted to know how I would go about it?
A: When you can't find the specified leveling service you want, please use our Customized Quotation . We have the best raid team who can fulfill most of your wishes.

Q: I realised I have authenticator on the account, is it a problem?
A: Please release the authenticator at the Blizzard website, after this we can arrange your order smoothly.

Q: Is there any way to make sure the leveler doesn' t use my particular items?
A: Please leave a note when you place the order. We will check and follow your requirements accordingly.

Q: Why do you guys change my password when you start the leveling?
A: It' s our double insurance against any website risk factors to protect your account.

Q: Can I go raid with you?
A: Sorry, we do not offer that yet.