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How to obtain coupon

Please check below if you qualify for a coupon gift:

Accumulated purchase amount $ Amount of coupons
> $500 $20
> $1000 $50
> $3000 $180
> $5000 $350

Important Information:

We take care of your orders and calculate the total purchase every month. Please understand after the coupon has been issued, the previous corresponding purchase amount which has been rewarded by coupon will not be accounted for until the next term. We will award a coupon to you for a certain level and a notification email will be sent by the 15th of the next month. Please keep in mind that it is only from service@guy4game.com, our customer service center, and you are welcome to visit us and check the coupon winner list or any other information.
If you want to have a special bonus before purchasing a big amount order, please contact our Live Chat to see if there' s any promotion. Also, providing valuable ideas will get extra bonus, please don't hesitate to contact us.