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Top Questions about Accounts

Q: Can I return the account if I don' t want to play it anymore?
A: We will assist you until you have full control of the character or account you have purchased. Please kindly understand that for security reasons, all orders are not returnable after we email you the unique registered information.

Q: Can character movement and realm transfer be done at the same time?
A: Yes, character movement and realm transferring can be done at the same time.

Q: How long does it take for character movement and realm transferring?
A: If you have already registered the new account, normally it only takes one to two hours to complete the job. If any problem occurs during this time, you can contact our Livechat customer service to help you out.

Q: How can I change the character's name when moving the realm?
A: First of all you need to create a new character in the destination realm. This character' s name must be exactly the same as the one you are purchasing from us. After this is done, move the character you purchased from us to the destination realm. Since the character's name already exists (the one you have just created), Blizzard will ask you to change a new character name for the one you are purchasing from us. Now you can give this character a new name. Kind of tricky, isn't it?

Q: Do you provide trail service?
A: Sorry, we don' t. Please double check the character before you purchase to make sure it' s your key.

Q: Can I get a full refund if the Character does not match the description?
A: It never happens but if, for any reason, the account does not match its description, a full refund can be applied. Any delay for returning the account or misconduct of behavior jeopardising the account during the occupation could lead to a full refund being inapplicable.

Q:What server is the character located?
A:Different characters are in different servers. For security we don't put the details on web. If you would like to know, please contact our 24-7 live chat to get the answers.

Q:What does the transferable mean?
A:The character can be transferred to any realm, race and the opposite faction. The features are provided by blizzard, you can complete your needs on blizzard web. To let you know the process better, we attach the guide on character description page.

Q:Can the account be recalled after I purchased?
A:Absolutely no. All the accounts were produced by Guy4game. Customer will be the only owner after purchased.

Q:I purchased an account from Guy4game. Can I sell or trade it back with lower price?
A:Sorry, we couldn't accept it. Once the account register information being sent to a buyer, we won't take the account back anymore, because the information was already being shared.

Q:How many characters do you have on one account?
A:Only one. It indicates the account was made by Guy4game as well.

Q:Why your price is higher than some other webs?
A:Because our accounts are made by our own professional levelers. There's no black marks, no recall risky, with good customer service and lifetime security commitment.

Q:On your character list, I didn't find the one I am interested, do you have more?
A:Sorry, all the characters are put on the web. You can use our premade account service to buy an account which is created by your own information.

Q: I have more 3 characters on my account, I want to sell them. What’s your price? A: First, please tell us the character name that has the best gear among the 3 characters. We don’t calculate the price according to how many characters are in one account, but the price of the best character. Second, we will reply you with the price and the requirement.

Q: What level character do you buy? A: We only buy accounts with level 80 main.

Q: How do the prices set? A: The prices for characters depend on supply and demand, on eventual actions taken by game publishers, on our competitors, on our marketing operations and our current inventory.

Q: I sold you my account, but now I want to take it back, and return you the money, is it possible? A: Yes, that is no problem. But you need to pay an extra 20% service charge of the account’s price, (at least $10 USD).

Q: Does the account Guy4game purchased sell to the customers? How do I know which one is produced by Guy4game, and which one is a resell account? A: No. The account we purchased will be used for other functions. We don’t sell customers the resell accounts, but only the accounts produced by Guy4game team.