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1. To buy is to accumulate. Get coupon by full accumulation.

Every successful order a customer places will be summed up. When the amount adds up to $500, customer will receive a Coupon Code in their email inbox. Usually we send the coupon at 15th each month. The amount less than $500 will be reserved; while the amount gets coupon reward will not be added up.

Accumulated purchase amount $ Amount of coupons
> $500 $20
> $1000 $50
> $3000 $180
> $5000 $350

2. Lucky coupon everyday

Our new activity Lucky 10% Discount Coupon Draw rewards logged-in customers randomly. Log in to see if you are the lucky one.

3. Adopt good advice

We respect every advice and suggestion our customers put forward. If your advice is adopted by us, we will reward you a coupon. Customers can give advice by contacting Livechat or [email protected]

4. Aperiodic promotion

There will always be some promotion on our website with a reward of bonus, coupon etc. Please give continual attention.

5. Facebook & Twitter

News of product or coupon will be posted in our social community. Customers have a chance to win a 10% discount coupon every day by visiting our social network.


  1. Only registered users can be rewarded coupons. Have't registered? Click here.
  2. We will take email address as unique ID to recognize each user. Better not change email address when you place orders.
  3. Guy4game reserves the right to the final explanation of company coupon policy.
Coupon Blance Reset Notification

Dear Customers,

By December 31st, 2023, we will reset the COUPON balance to zero. That is to say the amount of consumption before this date will not take in the calculation of future COUPONS. New amount of consumption will calculated from January, 1st, 2024.

In order to protect the interests of our customers, please accumulated the money to the corresponding amount, then we can send the COUPON to you before the deadline.

If you do not know the balance, please contact our customer service representative live chat or send an email to [email protected].

P.S: The balance reset only affect the COUPON, it will not affect your order history.

Your Faithfully