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Top Questions about game card

Q: I noticed it is not the card I need, can I return it to you? a: We are sorry that we don’t accept the card return because of the unique feature of the game card. Once the game card being sent to your mail box, your order can’t be exchanged or refunded.

Q: You have so many types of game cards, which one should I buy? a: Different cards have different functions. Please be sure you have checked the description before placing an order in case buying a game card you don’t really want.

Q: How do you send the game card to me? a: Most of the cards are scanned. After your order is processed, we will send the picture or code number to your email box. So please also make sure the email address you left in the order is available.

Q: How long do you send me the game card picture or code after I ordered? a: After your payment is processed, we will email you within 30 minutes with the picture or code.