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Delivery by Auction House Method

We will afford the auction fee when you choose AH delivery method.
Let's take 1100 gold as an example. We usually take 1000 gold as one unit, it is easy to operate and check.

1. Talk with the Auctioneer.

2. Click the Auctions

3. Choose the items you want to auction. If you want to separate the items into pieces, please press the "shift"button on keyboard, at the same time click the item by the right key.

4. Click the items, and then put it on the auction house. Please set the Starting Price at 1000g 0s 0c, and Buyout Price at 1000g 0s 0c. Auction Duration choose 48 hours, and then click "Create Auction".

5. Now you may wonder what about our promised auction fee and the balance 100 gold? Please start the auction again, put one items with starting price at 155gold, and Buyout price at 155gold. We will send you extra 5% bonus to cover the price you lost by using AH method. 1100 gold* 5%= 55 gold plus 100 gold balance, totally 155 gold.

The formula is:

1000gold is a basic unit; you need to put auction item at 1000gold every time until the balance less than 1000gold. In the last step, you need to take a second to calculate, Total gold owe you* 5% (AH fee) + the balance = the last auction buyout price you need to put on.

6. After put the items in auction, please fill in the form and send it to our sales representative via email or live chat, for example:

Item Name Amount Price
Broken Fang 1 1000
Broken Fang 1 155

7. We will do our best to buy your items from AH within 48 hours. After that, we will inform you by email. By this way, you don't need to log in to wait our delivery or check back every few hours. Simple and convenient to get gold, please contact our Live Chat or Email if you want.