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Powerleveling Time Frame

Our professional power leveling team works in 3 shifts all day ensuring all orders can be started promptly. The power leveling will be started instantly if there is no problem on your account. Emails will be sent to you once the order has begun and finished.

WOW Gear Raid - 8 Hours/Week
WOW US&EU Power Leveling-- 12 Hours/Day
RSII, Warhammer Online -- 8 to 12 Hours/Day
Aion US&EU Power Leveling -- 12 to 15 Hours/Day
RSII Skills, Lord, FFXI -- 24 Hours/Day
Exception: RSII Fishing/ Woodcutting/ Mining -- 16 Hours/Day

The leveling time frame is arranged for security purposes according to our experiences. We can provide non-stop leveling 24 / 7 or customize your schedule to a part-time procedure. If you would rather take the slightly more risky 24 hour non-stop power leveling service, we can do that for you as a favour. Just contact us by Live Chat to let us know your desired schedule before we start.

For the security of your accounts, we will pause the power leveling 4 hours before maintenance:
US: 4:00 AM to 2:00PM Tuesday EST
EU: 0:00AM to 10:00PM Wednesday GMT

Please try not to log in game when your account is being power leveled

As you may know, most of the game companies find power leveling services by monitoring the IP address. If an IP address' frequently changes it may gain the attention of a GM. We recommend that you do not log into the game during the leveling process. An email with the latest status will be sent to your registered email everyday. If you must play your character, please inform our live chat before you log in.
One of the most important safety issues is to remember not login to your account while we are leveling your character.