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How to Move a Character to a Different Realm

1. From the main World of Warcraft page (www.worldofwarcraft.com), you can access Account Management two ways:

2. Log into Account Management using your User Name and Password.

3. Choose the wow account that your character at

4. After logging into Account Management, select Paid Character Transfer, located under the Paid Services heading.

5. Completely review "Things to Know Before You Start!" This section reviews the cost and various stipulations regarding a Paid Character Transfer.

6. Select a Character from the realm drop-down menus.

7. After selecting a realm, a list of all characters on that realm will appear. Select "Move Character" of the character you wish to transfer.

8. Choose the realm you wish to transfer the character to. Make sure everything is correct before continuing.

9. Review the Restrictions & Disclaimers. If no changes need to be made, type I Agree and press Continue. If you need to make changes, click the Back button.

10. nter your payment information. If you receive an "Invalid Credit Card" message, you may wish to contact your financial institution for assistance, or try an alternate method of payment.