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Product: WOW US X-53 Touring Rocket Mount Obtaining Guide

1. Log in http://us.battle.net/wow/en/services/ please.

2. Please Click Recruit a Friend
It comes the following page. Click: click here to recruit a friend

3. The next page is:

4. The following step means you have invited successfully.

5 .Now please email or contact our live chat telling us you are ready. We will confirm the invitation after we received your message.

6. After we accept the invitation, we will tell you. Then please log in the account management again.

7. Click Recruit a Friend.

8. Please click the gift under RWARDS.

9. Select the recipient of the item. Choose the character who would like to have this mount.

10. Confirm the information

11. Go to your in game mail box to take the gift- a X-53 Touring Rocket Mount

12. Please email or contact our live chat telling us you have got the X-53 Touring Rocket Mount.