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Why we do billing confirmation&Procedure

We request the confirmation to help speed the transaction processes and prove the billing reliability, hereby ensure the purchasing security at guy4game.com and serve customers better. We respect customers' privacy and your own decision at guy4game.com; customers who refuse to transmit the confirmation will get the refund in 2 business days and the related order will be terminated at same time.

The procedure of fax confirmation:

For Credit card user:

  1. Fill up the Authorized Transaction Process Form. Please remember to sign the form.
  2. Send us the copy of BOTH SIDES of the original payment credit card, which with LAST 4-DIGIT NUMBER (we only need to verify the last 4 digits please feel free to cover the rest of the numbers), expired date, signature and cardholder' s name clearly displayed.
  3. Please send a front copy of your photo ID (driver license or passport) as verification.

For Paypal user:

Please send a front copy of your photo ID (driver license or passport) as verification.

You can send these copies by fax to 1-905-597-2666, scanned copies or digital photos are acceptable through email billing@guy4game.com for customers who are not accessible to the fax services.

We appreciate your cooperation and understand that it cost you extra on this fax confirmation process either by time or by expense. To show our respect to all your efforts for helping us improve our transaction reliability, we will reward customers for approved fax confirmation with the bonus of 10% of correlative orders.
Information will be kept in our database and reserved as your credits at guy4game. The fax records will help speeding up your subsequent orders by same account and credit card profiles.
We only require fax confirmation for some specified orders, while we do recommend our customers use the fax by your own initiative. Just simply download and print out the Transaction Process Form and fax us to 1-905-597-2666 with related documents, you will take the advantage on the 10% bonus rewarded for approved fax confirmation and faster service in the future.