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Delivery Method&Speed

  • Face to face trade:

    WOW/ DAOC/ L2/ Maple Story/ EVE
    For the above games, usually we may contact you in game within 15-20 minutes after the order has been processed. You can also contact our Live Chat to push the delivery if no character whispers you after a long time of waiting.
    If no gold is received on time, we will email or send you an short message as soon as we have gold at a later time.
  • In game mail delivery:

    Aion US&EU/ FFXI/ Warhammer US&EU/ Lord of the Rings US&EU/ EQ2/ Atlantica Online/ Age of Conan US/ EVE
    For the above games, usually we mail the game currency to the character which you left when placed the order.
    If we are not able to get enough stock in one time, we will do partial delivery until the order is fully completed. As soon as the game currency is mailed, we will email you to pick it up.
  • Work on your account:

    Runescape II
    For RS, usually will log in your account within 15-20 minutes after the order is processed, an email will be sent to you right after we started it.
    We work on supplying gold 24/7 except when the server is under maintenance.