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This site is REALLY awesome! It's LEGIT, Fast! Gamers to trade you! Cheap Gold! Live chat button to guide you through the order! Been using this for ages now and not even bothering to look for another one since this one is cheap as! This is the most legit site I have found and there are awesome Live Chat people to guide you through so no complications with the order, all you need is to get the ID of the order at the end and then send it to the Live Chat then they will tell you to go to a certain world and certain place then you will get the item/s.! I find it great how it's so cheap and it's everything you need for gaming! www.guy4game.com use it TODAY! It's simply just THE BEST SITE!.

July 03,2012

Good site. Well displayed, and smooth transactions. Always connect to live chat as soon as you complete your order, and they will get right on it. Reliable service, used two, maybe three times now. Can't remember. Also the cheapest rate I've seen..

Aleksander M
June 30,2012

I have been ordering gold and powerleveling from Guy4Game for 3+ years now, I love this site. I had never had a complaint and i've ordered thngs over 20 times on this site, thank you Guy4Game, you are the only site I'll ever use :).

Logan Brooks
June 24,2012

Used Guy4Game many times over the past few months and they have never ceased to amaze me with their prompt delivery of gold and speedy powerleveling. I will certainly keep on using Guy4Game for all of my gaming needs..

June 20,2012

A++ Service. I have bought gold from these guys numerous times and never have had any issues. Always fast and helpful!.

Cale Hollis
June 20,2012

A great site, The online help service was a great help, thanks to Beth I received my gold within minutes..

June 09,2012

Bought Rs2 Gold twice now, first time 40m second time 60m. 40m was there instantly and 60m in less than 30 minutes. Very impressed with this service and am planning on buying again soon..

Chris Brun
June 07,2012

just made my first purchase ever for rs gold. 20m and it was there instant! couldn't be happier with the service or speed :D will definately buy again.

Adam Clark
June 05,2012

By far the best customer service that I have have dealt with on a gold selling website. 100% legit, buy here and you don't need to be worrying about getting scammed!.

June 02,2012

best gold service, its fast cheap and i would reccomend it to anyone..

brendan proude
June 01,2012

A**** service, fast with helpful staff. Wouldn't recommend anyone else..

May 29,2012

By far the very best gold and account selling site there is, Reliable, Funny and extremely helpful. I have spent alot of money and i will continue, they are the best there is in their area!.

May 26,2012

amazing service and amazing prices i have never felt pressured and i always can trust the excellence of service.

May 21,2012

Bought 10M then noticed I was just short of buying another 10M. Terry gave me a coupon which knocked 40 cents off and I was able to buy it with no problems. Gave me a fast delivery on both orders and the staff is definitely better than the competitors. Trusted and will use again..

May 17,2012

ya dude the comments are legit. I bought like 70m from them, they are a really great site..

May 16,2012

trying to just make sure these are real comments before i blow money ..

kris campbell
May 14,2012

making sure these are real comments..

kris c
May 14,2012

best site ever! spent $100 so far!.

ja ke
May 12,2012

After being scammed out of 100.00 on a previous site, I thought there was no hope... but This is the best rs gold site i've ever been on!!! FAST AND POLITE AND OMG QUICK DELIVERY..

Joshua campbell
May 10,2012

They do great services on power leveling , quests and gold . quickly and cheap :D very happy with the services..

April 29,2012