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thank you this site is very trustworthy and quick thank you g4g.

lachie garth
February 11,2010

I bought a couple times from this site, I have to say this is the best site to buy gold from, very fast. Live chat is quick and answers questions without delay. Thank you G4G..

February 02,2010

ive boughten alot of stuff from this website, over 20m and the desert treasure quest for my friend for her birthday, both times they didnt do anything wrong, got on it and finished it asap! verry happy with them :D a+++++.

zach blan*
February 02,2010

This was my first time using Guy4Game and i started off making a big order, confused about how the service worked i have to use custormer service live chat 2 times, there very helpful and i reccomend this to anyone.

mark carl***
February 01,2010

I just came to this website, ordered something to see how well it would go and it only took at least 5 or 10 mins to get my order started. I was shocked to find such a service so fast. I'd recommend this site to anyone..

Gar* Holm**
January 23,2010

My order just got completed and I must say that guy4game knows how to keep a good reputation. I bought the 52.5 mil gp farming and it took them the amount of time they said it would take to farm all the gp. I also requested that they use the aggressive style of attack when farming my gp and I gained over 2 mil xp over the course of the 10 days. Many thanks to guy4game for providing this service, I will be returning no doubt..

January 23,2010

guy4game is the best website i have known they work so great i bought mils they done it fast in short time i will keep buying mils from this website and special thanks for all people who works on that website :).

ali shehab
January 18,2010

this is the best website i have ever known i bought mils from this web and the never failed me once i will keep buying till my mony is out =].

mohsen alassaf
January 17,2010

this is probably the fastest, greatest, and most secure website i have ever used. i bought 11m gold, and got it within 1 day! I will continue to buy more and more gold from G4G, they have gained my trust, and will gain a lot more money from me in the up-coming weeks :P.

Ryan Samuel
January 14,2010

This was the first and only site I've ever ordered from, and I can tell you from personal experience that this company is 100% secured. Everytime I go back to this site I've been a bit nervous about trusting this company with my increased wealth each time, but they always give me what I paid for. This is 100% trustworthy, and I'm going to order from here for a loooong time. Thanks so much G4G :).

Ryan P
January 09,2010

this siite is amazing ive bought power leveling an rs2 gold and its very very good price and doesnt take all to long i give this an A+.

john O'Toole
January 08,2010

these guys are awesome! completely legit, and they finished alot sooner than expected =).

David Moreno
January 08,2010


ha ha
January 07,2010

Good , Fast, Top Quality - Jay.

January 05,2010

best website most reliable trustworthy fast and worryfree best thing about it is they have an insurance policy on your account if anything goes wrong..

Obaid Amin
January 04,2010

Guy4game's live chat people were so helpful and kind. I got my gold in about 6 days, half a day earlier than they said =). Livechat even let me choose what skill to use (i.e. aggressive style) during gold farming, which was awesome. Definitely going to get more gold from guy4game, best site i know =).

January 03,2010

Everytime i order this place makes sure all is done and i've never gotten banned ever, I've ordered powerleveling, gold and it's always been done on time and legit. Thank you so much for everything..

Rusty Smith
December 07,2009

Very Satisafied. Delivery in minutes! Thank you a million times :) I will use this service again..

Tar* Gy*****
December 03,2009

Been a happy customer for 2 years with G4G. They have the best attitudes and fast delivery. One of the best company that I have order from. I spent about $4k in the past 2 years with this company and I am going to be spending more and have brought many of my friends to the company because of their reputation. Keep up the good work, G4G!!!.

RS Addict
December 03,2009

i purchased 117m but its good they are so fast and powerlevelers and money makers and i would like to thank them for the fastest way and i would to thank espeically for john and nancy and mostly dangxin for helping me please whoever buy buy the most.

mohsen alassaf
December 02,2009