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Very Very Good Service! Fast and Safe..

Fabian Yeow
May 02,2011

everyone for the first time ever i bought some rsgp, i was nervous at first, i made the payment. and it only took 2 mins for me to recive the in game gold very profesional and i will defo buy from here again ! thank you guy4game..

victor vance
April 30,2011

Great service, freindly live chat! got my gold in under 15 minutes B R I L L I A N T!.

April 25,2011

Excellent service, got what i ordered and fast..

April 22,2011

I got my 30m in under 30min and the powerleveling is also fast and great!.

April 20,2011

This is my third time buying RS gold here. Each time I got my RS gold instantly, with no waiting. Very reliable. I have not been banned either. So, all in all, a 10 out of 10!.

April 19,2011

These guys have very good service, they checked if they had the gold, after I made the purchase checked my Id and got my gold really fast! Not like those other lying ones.

April 17,2011

Hello, Guy4Game is the best website to power level + gold orders, I Orderd 20M rsgold and got it in Less than 10 MINS!!!!!!!! then I orderd another 20M and also got it quick, so G4G is the best choice. :D.

April 17,2011

really fast service.

frost demon
April 10,2011

This website is completely safe everyone!! Trust me i have spent over $150 here!!.

Daine Richardson
April 07,2011

Nice i love this site i bought 40m and plus the bonus i got 44m i was soo happy guy4game is the best site ever i even bought a world of warcraft account off them also.

kevin biblis
April 06,2011

I have bought alot gold on this site. TOTALLY TRUSTABLE!.

Jeppe Ottosen
April 04,2011

bought 16.5m everything went smooth less than 15 minutes will buy more soon :) number1 site!.

April 01,2011

just bought 100m the service is great gonna buy power leveling now.

March 30,2011

I ordered 20mill from g4g and because of 10% bonus i got 22mill it is a little pricy, but the customer support is amazing no other site comes close to g4g when it comes to reliability and support. 10/10.

Daniel Watson
March 24,2011

Very trustworthy and fast. In game deliver was flawless. No issues with delievery at all!.

March 22,2011

This is a fast, easy, cheap, amazing, awesome and for the win gold service, i really reccomend you buy from it! :).

Dane Buckley
March 18,2011

the Rs gold farming is GREAT FAST AND SAFE BUT THE RS2TRADE is very very very very expensive it needs much discounts like 4.4m=4-5$ that will be AmAziNg !!!! i will 100% order again btw.

Bell Josh
March 15,2011

The service is amazing i ordered more than one time and i also trust it because it never messes your account as it the only website on the internet that i suggest for my friends so i really liked the service and i will order again !!.

Anwar Hassan
March 13,2011

i bought 100m i didnt give my real phone number so i couldn't confirm the location But with the help of the chat agent's everything came through great. Ty for my AGS.

March 10,2011