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This website is fully legit. I play a game called Runescape and i could not believe how great these guys work. This is the very first website that i found that actually works. You have real people you chat with face to face, you get great bonuses and it's fast and easy. This website is not here to scam you. It's here to do business..

June 10,2011

Hi very very good trade and good website brought 66m for 72$ dollars because im from New Zealand so its not their fault. since its USD. but above all . My fav RSGP buying website so far. Thanks..

Mize Dang
June 07,2011

I've used this website three times now! The gold is always delivered very quickly with no trouble. :).

June 06,2011

Fast. Cheap. Great Service. What else can you have? Oh wait i forgot easy to use forums.. Thank you guy4game! -Spirits.

kyle mckinnon
May 29,2011

Hello , this site is good but there is a problem ... Prices really expinsive and it raisng everyday ... I hope they understand ther customers because we are not rich that much in rl... Thank you and I hope you show my massage.

May 26,2011

have used it twice now fast and cheap excellent help and love the bonus cash.

kristoffer w
May 24,2011

I've bought over 600m+ from this site, 100% legit and very efficent, great customer service and much more you get from this site!!!.

AL Man
May 24,2011

No, im not a bot i know alot of websites have bots wrighting this, however i am not. Guy4game is the only website i trust with my rsgold orders. I have ordered over 200M From this website and i plan on continueing my ordering through Guy4Game.Com!.

John H
May 23,2011

quickest dilivery iv ever experience on a site plus great and quick feedback, this shits on every other site iv tried, thanks guy4 good shit.

May 23,2011

hello everyone this guy4game site is the best site for runescape powerleveling , rs gold farming and rs gold but it got only 1 thing bad i hop u guys make the prices of rs gold alittle cheaper plz me and many of my friends wana buy 495m but its kinda high price can u guys make it cheaper and thanku i have ordered many times ill keep ordering till i run of ouf money :).

ali shehab
May 23,2011

This Website Is Safest And Fastest Way For RuneScape Money Congratulations James..

ali alhajri
May 22,2011

I bought about $300mil gp on this website for my runescape account. I am the type of person that does his research before buying because i want the best deal and the cheapest price. I was skeptical at first about buying from here since i don't know if i can trust a place to come through with their purchase but these people are legit. I compared prices to gold4rs, gamegamego, and many other sites advertise. Even people selling off powerbot and I now know these guys are 100% and the best deal there is. I promise you, best place to buy runescape gold for sure!.

May 21,2011

worked great and fast thank you.

toffe willberg
May 21,2011

ty for gold guy4game:D im impressed by how fast you guys did this i got my 55m in 15 min^^ these guys are really to trust:D i just bought 120m more:D Thanks^^.

May 20,2011

i just brought 55mill and i got it within 30mins i will buy from here again =).

adam carlton
May 18,2011

i dont know how good the site is but i didnt get into the 60 or 20% sections and im still waiting ='(.

May 15,2011

This was my first time buying runescape gp. I thought it was sketchy but with guy4game they gave me 198m gp within 25 minutes its fast and reliable and no I'm not a bot just saying this they really can be trusted. I plan to buy more gp from them in the future... they do a great job i had the first time jitters trusting someone else for gp but they came through kudos to u guy4game..

Philip Santiago
May 13,2011

i really hope this is legit.

May 13,2011

This website is great! It was inexpensive and I got my gold in a matter of minutes! Thanks again!.

May 11,2011

This site is great im not just a bot writing this crap -.- i bought about 70m and plan on buying MUCH MORE! this site is legit guys.

May 08,2011