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I do not like to purchase gold, but I do not have the time to spend and farm the mats to skill up; but I really enjoy the game. So I have purchased twice from this site. I have received only the absolute best and quickest service both times! The sales rep was very professional! Thank you all for being out there, particularly for me; the person that cannot spend more than a few hours a week here!.

Fra*** Loz***
October 03,2009

Great service,good staff,support's always there.all i can say is Bra-Fuckin-Vo..

Abdulwahab Ahmed
September 24,2009

g4g is best web for monymaking on rs i hope safest and best priced web ty g4g.

bader ali
September 20,2009

i love g4g cuz its rocks and its so fast so safe and new site update rocks!.

September 15,2009

i just wanted to tell you that I love u guyssssssssssssssssssss! I LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU!I am really happy with my goldpeace!.

sean Gunn
July 31,2009

thanks and i relly happy to use this site coz its relly kind help and relly fast thats why I LOVE THIS SITE ^^.

josh Rivas
July 30,2009

I love your service. Every now and then I like to see how guy4game prices compare to other sites. And evertime I do, I immedately find out that you are the BEST! Both in price comparision and quality of staff and quickness of delivery. Thank you very much for what you do..

pepsi gunderson
July 03,2009

I want tothank you very much,for the great effort your guys put into my character,they did a fantastic job,and I am very pleased with there results,I'll be back again and recommend your site to my friend's,Great Job..

Michael Guthrie
June 24,2009

I am please with the completion of my gold. I thank you very much for a job well done. If I have any other needs with MMORPG gaming services, I will surely come to your company. Once again, I thank you for your services..

Richard Hall
June 16,2009

All i can say is,dang that was fast and awesome.

resrsresdr Segev
June 03,2009

Thank you for such wonderful service! I had bought gold twice from a competitor and the third time which was for 3m they gave me the run-around and asked me to divulge paypal information to confirm the order etc. UNTIL they admitted that they did not have the gold piece in stock at the moment. Well they lost a customer. I then tried your service and found it to be much faster delivery and hassle-free! Keep up the wonderful service and you will have a loyal customer! With of course added benefits of referrals! ;o).

John Gugliotta
March 31,2009

Yes, thank you like I used the services in the past. It's excellent service. Probably the best powerleveling services I have used. Thank you again.

Steve Rauter
March 24,2009

once again i am a happy customer of yours.

Josh Hahn
March 12,2009

I ordered some runescape gold today, i was wondering if it would work... and guess what, it worked! I would rely on guy4game for some rs gold or warhammer loot. It works perfectly and it came in about 8 hours. I would mark guy4game 10/10, 100% safe!.

Donald Grosskreutz
February 17,2009

Outstanding Service!!! Thank you very much! Your customer service rep. Ann was so nice and helpfull and delivery was quick!.

gino Grove
January 07,2009

I ordered 15million gp and your customer service represenative was 100% excellent her name is Thera i give her 2 thumbs up 1,000,000 if i had that many thuumbs Just Because of Thera i will use your serivices again it was EXCELLENT!.

kandy Grotzke
December 06,2008

Wow That was fast I am very satisfied , i'll order tomorrow again Thanks.

Stephen guthrie
June 27,2008

I had a really great person help me for about 4-6 hours until I had recieved my 100M RS II gold, i just wanted to tell you how great Carrie was at assisting me and how patient she was, and a big thanks to everyone else out there at guy4game. Thanks again Carrie.

Jonathan scott
September 21,2007