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I think this has to be the best website to buy runescape gold from!!! (Or Powerleveling) The best thing about this is that it accepts prepaid cards unlike those other rs2 gold websites! I would rate this 10/10 and would recommend this website to anyone who is looking for Gold/Gold Farming/Powerlevling for any game!!!.

Tom S
July 13,2011

what a cool that accept cashu.

July 12,2011

This is an excellent gold buying site. Delivery was quick, the live customer support operator was very patient, friendly, and quick to answer any questions, and the prices are exceptional. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a cheap, trustworthy gold buying site. I'll definitely be ordering from these guys again soon..

July 12,2011

One of the best sites i have found so far among one of the only sites that take direct credit card not through paypal :D amazing customer service, great prices, can expect me to come back :).

July 11,2011

Guy4game is one of the best sites ive ever seen They were my go2 site when i got lured or lost my gold i give this site a thumbs up they deliver in 15 minutes all 9 of my orders Thank you guy4game.

Jamie Jamie
July 11,2011

This is the best gold buying site i have every seen 5 stars rating hands down speedy service best customer service and cheap product i love this site.

July 10,2011

my gold buying will always be with Guy4game low prices and fast (:.

G4G Gold Buyer
July 10,2011

I love how a live agent stays with me the whole process. Guy4game is 100% Legit in my opinion..

david raymond
July 09,2011

this site is the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its 100% legit . TYVM for the help guys :) i will buy more and more and more gold here until i get a path :P.

July 08,2011

This guys are 100% trustworthy. Great live service to help along the way, and a speedy delivery...always. I always use G4G and would never go anywhere else!.

July 08,2011

theres one word to describe service! AWESOME, and reliable..

July 07,2011

Well, I did it once and waited and nothing happened.. so I 4got about it and later I realized that I'd been getting emails telling me its ready but I waited too long and my money was refunded. (big surprise!) Anyways, I bought it again and this time I actually put the wrong character name, so I emailed them and they changed it for me! Then I got my money and was really excited. I didnt even believe it worked! I was so happy! Best purchase ever..

July 06,2011

I havn't bought money since my last testimonial but i just had to write another one..These guys are the best you guys will ever find no doubt about it, i havnt had a problem about there services yet and ive seen some other peoples testimonials saying they have been slow, all i can say is your just the unlucky one and have patients, these guys will make your order and your not the only one that they are making money for, keep that in mind and thanks again guy4game you guys are the best!.

Joey Whelan
July 05,2011

I ordered 330m yesterday and it only took about 25 mins service is excellent probly one of the best websites to buy rs2 gold..

Freddy Molina
July 03,2011

This is the second time ive bought gold from this site, and here i am stuck waiting the next day still. :l.

Caleb Fleming
July 02,2011

Safe, reliable, reasonably fast. Customer service could do with being a bit quicker to respond, but it is also very efficient..

July 02,2011

This was my first time buying gold and I didn't know who to trust. Guy4Game turned out to be a real legit site with excellent customer service and very quick delivery. Thanks Guy4Game, now my Runescape Hobby has just gotten 100x better. :).

July 01,2011

All i can say for you guys wondering about this is they are the best you shall ever find ! I've been lured and hacked and i always come to these guys for help with my money, now of course you have to pay but if you really want to have fun on your game still then id suggest it definatly, probably bought 300m+ from them over all the purchases to bad i didnt get lured or i would be one happy runescape player! That could be you guys, just follow there instructions and pay and your set for whatever you purchased. Thanks alot, Guy4Game..

Joey Whelan
June 29,2011

Great prices, and fast delivery. will buy again soon..

June Liang
June 29,2011

guy4game is amazing , its been 1 year since my first purchase and i never suspected them at anything great customer support and fast delivery , 90% of my purchases were completed in 10-20 mins and 10% in an hour at rare occasions , i bought so far total : 190m from them and never got scammed ever.

June 23,2011