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jan klazen
February 10,2012

I have bought good twice from this website, once for 30m and once for 20m, both times I had the gold with me in under five minutes. Brilliant service, pretty good prices would definitely use again and recommend to anyone who's looking for a legit cheap rs gold seller :)..

Ben Collins
February 08,2012

Was very fast delivery. Very good service talking to live support will deffenitly use again.. AND will reccomend to freinds. Thank you!..

February 07,2012

awesome service as usual always fast.

February 06,2012

honestly ive been scammed by so many sites and was cautios to this one but i gold the gold in 10 mins now i buy once a week and its EPIC.

Apex Predator
February 05,2012

Every time I buy from this site, it takes 5-10 minutes to receive my gold! It's wonderful! I would never go anywhere else to get my gold..

Seth Furtado
February 05,2012

ordered 45m of these guys for like 40$. Great service, I received order in 5minutes. Not only is this gold cheaper then all competitors, but they have googlecheckout which is the only way to pay using a prepaid debitcard. Gold4fun took 4 hours to get my order ready, yet they are the most expensive. These guys are #1, will order again. these are my trusted gold site gold4fun(took over 4hrs and crazy expenisve) ogpal(the customer service is retarded, and same price as here) guy4game(fastest service and great price)#1 gold seller in my book usifne(I would say the service is just as good,but are more expensive).

Daniel K
January 29,2012

This website is legit, i baught atleast 90 dollars worth of gold on here and everytime they gave me my gold within 5 - 10 minutes. they have great customer support and help you out in every way they can. 5/5 stars for this website :).

Joseph Strahan
January 20,2012

its hard to find a site as good as this , the prices are cheap , normal is a dollar , there like 90 cents a mill and they have a nice selection unlike a few others who don't even offer 20 mill as a min , i hate having to buy 30 mill and more. and there payment options are far better than anything and direct credit card charge is only 3 percent , 20 mill = 56 cents charge about , much better than western union and they support paypal. the ONLY PROBLEM i had was after 15 minutes of purchase i did NOT get a confirmation call and i had to go to there chat and ask them to check on things and trade me the gold , but the chat was VERY easy and she was nice and i got my gold as promised. 8/10 is my score , almost a 9. this site IS SAFE and well made tho i am pretty sure i should have been contacted sooner with out having to go in a chat room as nice as it was in the chat..

aaron barber
January 15,2012

i have delt with these guys for months and have allways had top service and if there a problem dealt with instanly there totaly legit and easy to deal with only trust these guys only legit people out there btw guy4game you rock!!!!.

January 09,2012

Very fast, talked to live support to find out where we had to meet. Arrived within 15 minutes. Would recommend for everyone..

Marhaus Jenkins
January 08,2012

Very trusted, Live chat helps you out with EVERYTHING you need to know! Great service and great team!.

January 07,2012

this is the best website. BUT why is the prices rising ???... this is not good..

January 07,2012

Talked to someone right away gold was delievered in 10 minutes very trusted will be buying gold again.

Vance Wheeler
January 06,2012

Very trustworthy and very quick and simple, the chat is helpful and delivers pretty quickly, only problem were the scammers at the very start when the gold was on its way, it seemed trustworthy but the chat said it was a scam. Thanks guy4game!.

Leon Essam
January 04,2012

I am Sure to come back later on this site. everything is simple and the chat was very helpful. I do recomend this to everyone is who is looking for rs money. 5 stars.

john megan
January 02,2012

deadly site, fast 90% percent of the time, i have ordered over 200m+ by now, there amazing!.

January 01,2012

I got my gold within 10 minutes of purchasing I Baught 90 m and plan on buying again.

joe shmoo
December 30,2011

they are so fast + legit , i have ordered more than 200M :).

eslam mohamed
December 28,2011

Ive been purchasing rsgold from guy4game alot they are 100% safe fast service hope to come back soon and merry xmas.

December 28,2011