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By far the best site for purchasing gold/items in RS Classic. i really wasn't sure at first but i purchased 1m just to test it for the first time and it worked perfectly. i then followed on to purchase another 8m gold. i was so happy with the service i went on to buy the 07 fire cape service, this i was a bit worried about. having been hacked before threw other "services" i didnt know what to expect. i logged out of my account for them to do it, and received and email withing 6 hours to say that had completed it. i was very surprised considering they said 48 hours. amazing services. will be purchasing alot more in the future. 10/10.

Bradley Harris
June 23,2015

I've bought and sold Old school Runescape gold here and have never been let down, they are always quick and always polite, there was one time in which i ordered gold and they ran out of stock, and i had to wait a few hours, but once they had the gold they gave me an additional 10% gold for my wait. Awesome site, awesome people, awesome service.5/5.

Aidan O
March 27,2015

great friendly and fast service. I recommend Meggie. very kind and reliable..

Brandon G
February 24,2015

I use this site all the time. Always fast delivery, no mistakes, and no problems. =Þ.

Adam C
February 13,2015

I only trust Guy4Game with my gold buying, they are fast and always very professional! thanks for the years of supplying me :).

February 04,2015

only site that I trust to buy gold from. very fast service!.

aaron v.
December 30,2014

This site is 100% legit and very trustworthy! And also a big shout outs to Grace who helped me..

December 29,2014

I been a customer since perhaps 2007, G4G always gave me 110% of what i ask for with great timing and quality. always keeping me satisfied and happy thank you G4G..

December 22,2014

I've only ever had an issue with G4G once and it was a fairly big order, the suppliers were out of stock so to apologise for my wait they added an extra 30 million onto the order..

Johnston Green
October 13,2014

At first i was skeptical but then there was the magnificent customer service that gave me piece of mind as soon as i seemed to think it was too good to be true. they asked for my transaction number and they let me know the status of the order and everything about it and told me that i would be mailed in game by one of the many fellow employees of guy4game.com i would recommend this site to anyone..

Raven Ezreyne
September 29,2014

Ordered gold for runescape...was delivered within 5 minutes!! fast and cheap gold and very good customer service...will definatly return!.

May 11,2014

At first was apprehensive about purchasing anything but read the testimonials and picked up the courage and I am very happy with the service! The chat are very happy to answer any questions! And Beth can call me any time as she was a star and seemed very helpful ;).

April 26,2014

Brillant customer service 100% of the time. Fast delivery and always a pleasure to order gold. Keep up the good work!.

Jeff Sampti
April 22,2014

I have used G4G Alot for Wow,Runescape Old School, So on so forth, Sometimes if u get LARGE AMOUNTS, They may takes hours or day or two but other than that they will del 100% of the time and they will stay in chat with u until u get the items u paid for 10/10 will always pick G4G.

Travis OOOOO
April 17,2014

This site is actually great, the staff is verry helpfull (and they dont get mad if you keep checking back on your order) wich was very comforting for me. I had to wait a bit because the suppliers were out of stock but after reading these testimonials i was pretty sure it wasnt anything out of the ordinary. So i decided to wait and yes the next day my order was ready to get picked up and now im a rich man again! :D (btw nicole really came across like a cutie :3) Thanks every1 from guy4game.com your the best! :).

Jeroen Buter
March 30,2014

great great great.

Jessie James
March 30,2014

I've used this site two times last year and got my gold within 15 minutes. I used it again the other day and they were out of stock. I only had to wait a day and a half. This is normal. I have to admit I got anxious and I googled other reviews. Some reviews were confusing, but I have to say to not believe them. I got my gold today and I am happy. You just need to be patient. Before you buy gold you can always go into chat with them and they will tell you if they are out of stock or not. Everybody was so polite when I went into Live Chat numerous times. 10/10 Would use this site again! :) Oh! I also got 1m for getting my gold late..

Stephanie Taylor
March 10,2014

Hey not sure about this site yet I've heard many good reviews but also a fair few that go on about scamming and that! Seems pretty legit though even though they ask for a lot of details..

January 29,2014

I like the site, it has the cheapest gold that i can find. The only thing i have negative to say is that the 3rd time i ordered some gold, they ran out of stock, that was also 3 days ago, :(. They keep helping me with this though. So the sutomer service part is pretty good :).

cody pack
December 28,2013

spent over 600$ on this site and is very legit and really fast..

yousef bsieso
November 24,2013